Society’s Ridicule Towards The Unmarried Lady Coming Off Age (Explicable By Beyoncé’s “I Am… Sasha Fierce” Album – 2008)

Title of Songs In The Album Are Kept In  Quote

Beyonce - I Am... Sasha Fierce Album (2008)
Beyonce – I Am… Sasha Fierce Album (2008)

Ave Maria” was a “Broken Hearted Girl” who had to “Disappear” from humble circles because of her over bloated “Ego“. She always saw herself as a catholic saint with a “Halo” above her head through her many “Sweet Dreams“. Meanwhile “Honesty” was her greatest flaw anytime a handsome specimen approached her because she was part of the categorization of “Single Ladies” who were “Scared of Lonely” days that might erupt out of not having a spouse. She used to say “If I Were A Boy“, I’ll only say “Hello” to non-flirtatious bitches. That Showed how hypocritical she was because her personality was so close to flirtatious out of desperation. She could recall a time she asked a guy, can my love “Poison” other men like it’s done to you?
All her lover could say was “That’s Why You Are Beautiful“. Threatening I’ll “Smash Into You” was a means of getting a man to fall into her hands of love through “Video Phone” sex. Maria always sugarcoated her acts by saying, I’m doing all of these to find a husband as well as escape from the judgmental society out there. This lady never listened to the “Radio” at noon because the cool blues from musicians like Luther Vandross and Toni Braxton aired on the airwaves at that time got her feeling, I am nowhere near the “Satellites” of a real established home.

Say Yes To Feminism And Say No To Misogynism
Say Yes To Feminism And Say No To Misogynism

This is the definition of many single ladies who unfortunately fall in the late thirties upwards.

Many beautiful ladies give out their cherries to aimless dudes to pop with hopes that marriage will eventually spring up.
I hate to play the blame game but society really has the power to extricate problems of single ladies committing suicide.
Society can solve the problems of many unwanted children born into this world to suffer just because the bearer of the Sperm is not willing and able to play his responsibility.
Society needs to stand up against primitive acts of giving names like “Barren and Worthless” to women who are unfortunately not part of the class of “Mothers and Wives“.

I... Am Sasha Fierce

Feminist, stand up and fight against this. Say no to Misogynism. The woman you may be laughing at or ridiculing could be the solution to a problem your brains have been struggling for years to solve. We need women with courageous traits that can be compared or outweigh that of Hariet Tubman and Yaa Asantewaa. We also need men who are wise to know that the world will be better than it is if the problems associated to gender are solved.

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3 thoughts on “Society’s Ridicule Towards The Unmarried Lady Coming Off Age (Explicable By Beyoncé’s “I Am… Sasha Fierce” Album – 2008)

  1. Interesting! I pray ‘feminists’ will look into why women themselves prey upon their own kind with the words ‘barren’ and ‘worthless’. – Edwin Kweku Andoh

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    1. That’s the sad part of the story mostly with African nations.

      Unfortunately, our respective cultures have looked down upon women to the extent at which many women themselves feel they are not eligible enough to take the crown of leadership.

      It’s the very few who believe in the survival of the fittest that stand up to play major roles in society


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