Am I The Only One Who Thinks; Michael Jackson and Prince Share OVERWHELMING Similarities?

All humans are undoubtedly unique in their own distinctive actions and behavior. Everyone is born different and that’s the one thing that makes all humans the same. We usually have no sign of shock when we see identical twins portray different behavior and temperaments. Michael Joseph  Jackson and Prince Rogers Nelson are not disengaged from the unique lifestyles humans posses, but there are always some similarities that might make someone think these two might have come from the exact same place prior to birth.

Both born in the year 1958 (US)

This is the onset of a series of similarities. Birth outdoors us into a world beyond the walls of the womb. Michael Jackson was born on August 29, 1958, making Prince [born on June 7, 1958], two months older than him. Years can make huge differences, however its clear that’s not the case with the King of Pop and the Purple One

Skin Color

There is no doubt that Michael’s situation was much more worse than that of Prince’s due to the record breaking fact to be Born Black but die White. Prince was born with a light skin relative to Mike. But when you look critically, you will notice that Prince’s skin grew pale as the years went by. Some have attributed that to screen edits, which is actually plausible than any case of deliberate skin lightening on the part of the artist.

Color Transformation

Both Suffered From Serious Illnesses

In 1993, Michael Jackson told Oprah Winfrey in an interview that he suffered from a skin pigmentation eroding disease; Vitiligo and that this disease was reason for his skin transformation. According to sources, Jackson’s autopsy confirmed he had the disease.

In an interview with Tavis Smiley via PBS, Prince told viewers he was born epileptic and used to have seizures.



Their glittering fashion sense cannot be overemphasized.

MJ & Prince Costumes


Both are awesome with the Pop, funk and the R&B music genres.

Great Similarities Found With Their Hit Singles (Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough & I Wanna Be Your Lover)

Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough” was released in 1979 as the first single from the album “Off The Wall”. That was the same for The Purple One’s “I Wanna Be Your Lover” which came as the first single on his self titled album “Prince” 1979. Both songs are epitomes of the Disco trend. Notwithstanding, the Falsetto voice with “oh” hiccup sounds executed by both artists in their respective songs drew much attention. These songs had a subject matter in common; ♥Love♥. “I Wanna Be Your Lover” as well as “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough” peaked at Number 1 on the R&B Singles Chart in the US. Generally, Michael’s “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough” did better per charts despite the counting similarities. It went Platinum in the USA and New Zealand, Silver in the UK and Gold in Australia. The song also peaked at Number 1 on the United States Billboard Hot 100 chart, the Soul Singles Chart, won a Grammy and American Music Award. Prince showed his love for Michael by covering it in his 2011 “Welcome To America” tour. “I Wanna Be Your Lover” had a Gold certification (RIAA). It peaked Number 11 on the United States Billboard Hot 100 and a cool Number 41 on the UK singles chart.

Two Singles That Killed It

Family Singing

Michael commenced music with his brothers (Jermaine, Tito, Jackie, Randy and Marlon) popularly known as the Jackson 5 just as Prince did with his cousin Charles Smith in the band, Grand Central.

Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

Prince was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by 2004. MJ had that twice; initially in 1997 with his brothers (The Jackson 5) and secondly in 2001 as a solo artist.

Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame


There is no doubt these two musical icons were both energetically powerful on stage when it came to dancing. Prince is a little older now hence little evidence of his power on stage for now. Be it as it may, it’ll be better if one travels back into the 80s to watch his shows.



MJ had 13 Grammys before his demise, that which beats Prince who has 7 by a gap of 6 awards.

Angels To Their Fans

Prince has adorable fans. Michael has awesome fans. They definitely achieved that with their charming personalities and rare talents.


Jehovah’s Witnesses

Michael Jackson has a root from this Christian denomination. MJ along with his sisters, Janet and La Toya were all raised by their mom who was a devout JW. However, Michael became less active with the Faith as the years went by. His make up artist Karen Faye for 3 decades wrote on her blog explaining why she couldn’t fathom why some unknown men consistently peeped at Michael during his work. She wrote;
As our working relationship and friendship began to grow, I asked. He explained to me he was a Jehovah’s Witness. He was very active with the church, and these gentlemen were monitors. They watched over him. He also explained he went to bible study, and spent time going door-to-door teaching the word each week. I had to take pause for a minute and think about that one….

In 2001, after a 2 year long debate with his friend, Larry Graham, Prince became a Jehovah’s Witness. According to him, he periodically attends services at Halls and knocks on people’s doors to discuss issues about his faith.


Michael Jackson has been a vegetarian most of his life, if not all his life. In his first autobiography MoonWalk, he wrote “I’m a vegetarian now and I’m so much thinner. I’ve been on a diet for years. I feel better than I ever have, healthier and energetic.


In 2006, Prince was voted as the World’s Sexiest Vegetarian by PETA‘s annual online poll.

Confused Sexuality by the World 

When Prince was asked about his perspective on gay marriage and abortion , he said “God came to the earth and saw people sticking it wherever and doing it with whatever. And He just cleared it all out. He was like ENOUGH.
In there, there is clear disgust on the part of Prince towards homosexuality. With little scrutiny, you will realize that the pop star wears high heels, women’s blouses and an eye liner, that which usually happens during his performances. A question comes, which normally sexual and rational man who is strictly against gay marriage and further has nothing to do with comedy like the talented Tyler Perry dresses like a lady? It’s most definitely, Prince. Iggy Pop is never ignored by the way. In 1987, Prince adopted the female persona Camille to record If I Was Your Girlfriend.

Michael Jackson has been subject to controversy for decades when the issue of his sexuality arises. At the onset of his career in the 70s, MJ faced allegations of being gay. He was later tagged asexual. Meanwhile, Mike denied all these allegations all his life. “I will not have a nervous breakdown because people think I like having sex with men” were his words in a 1979 interview when asked a question related to his sexuality. On a more serious note, the King of POP has been called a Pedophile and things were much worse for him when the Judiciary came in by 1993 and 2003. He emerged out of these two child abuse allegations without a jail term, but has not been lucky after his death in 2009. In 2013, Wade Robson filed a lawsuit against Michael Jackson’s estate. Robson claimed he had sleepovers at Jackson’s Neverland ranch when he was 7 years old and that Mike abused him sexually during that period. Also in May 2014, Jimmy Safechuck filed a similar lawsuit against the dead singer’s estate insisting Jackson did same to him when he [Jimmy] was between the ages of 10 to about 15.

Prince has been considered gay by some despite his sexual relationships with divas like Carmen Electra and Madonna (maybe they should accuse him of being bi-sexual) whilst Mike, considered gay, asexual and a pedophile irrespective of his sexual encounters with women as hot as Lisa Marie Presley and Brooke Shields.

In totality, MJ has achieved much more than Prince. Nevertheless, they both remain in the hearts of millions and millions of fans with their great works. The Purple One had his place in the table of “Geniuses in Songwriting” and most definitely beats Pop’s royalty when the issue of musical instruments takes main stage. He could play 27 instruments including the Piano, Bass Guitar, Drums, Harmonica, Saxophone and the Violin. These men never left music the way they met it. One was universal with the universal message of helping out “the Lost Children” as the other incorporated music from the black and white centers to create a blend of material meant for all and sundry. Lots of love Prince, lots of love Michael.

The main aim of this post is not to create the image of a competition among two talented musical personalities, but rather, show the similarities they share together. And finally, for whether or not they physically looked alike, that will be left for the reader to decide.


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6 thoughts on “Am I The Only One Who Thinks; Michael Jackson and Prince Share OVERWHELMING Similarities?

  1. I guess you are a typical Prince fan.
    Prince would have Mj crying just because he plays 27 instruments,oh please that is a very stupid statement. I was reading the whole article only to see this fucking statement.
    I think you got it all wrong Mj’s dancing will probably will make Prince cry because he can never be as cool and incredible as Michael


    1. Perfect answer Michael is the best Prince is an amazing artist but
      Michael is just in the league of his own no contest there😊


  2. Both preferred the company of younger companions. Prince;s first wife lived with him at age of 16, while he was 30 something. Her parents gave Prince guardianship, which amounts to his being her father legally, then he married her, his DAUGHTER.Michael paled around young boys. Both were born to fathers who ruled with beatings. Both dads were frustrated musicians. Both had siblings with enormous issues of their own. Both paid for nieces and nephews education. Both held disdain for their fathers. Both had conflicting identity problems, peddling the idea of androgyny. Both married twice and divorced twice. Noth were givers, not takers, each contributing to world-wild causes and made a difference in the world. Both essentially are said to have to die unattended. Both shared a lack of financial acumen, trusting not many if any at all. Both were reclusive. Each had a beef with companies, larger than either would become.But the smoking gun is the presence Judith Hill they died. As a Christian, I do not believe in coincidences. Neither could read or write music, with Prince handwriting lyrics. Michael used a tape recorder in this process. Michael named his children. Both consistently hired only the best. Both suffered bodily harm from dancing for Prince and Michael was burned during a taping for a commercial. Each was known to work tirelessly. Despite Jehovah Witness denomination, each had surgery, Michael, according to the autopsy report, had an appendectomy. Prince’s limited public autopsy report evidence of bilateral hip replacements. Both had charisma, Each built homes tailored to idiosyncracies, Paisley Park and Neverland. Both were litigious, in life and after death. Otherwise, I truly believe the poignant remarks of Mayte. One thing for sure, both left us way too early. Never met either but sure do miss them both, in part because we shared time in life, reminding all just how quickly people can be erased from our current landscape.
    Be kind. please.


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