Say NO


My love for Journalism experienced a renaissance after I watched Anas Aremeyaw Anas‘ s documentaries on the many serious but mostly ignored issues of corruption and Human rights abuse.
That male factor in me diffused to bring weeping when I watched how rights of Albinos most especially situated in Tanzania were abused to the extreme of amputation for rituals in the pursuit of riches that had no form of existence and stood on rocks of hallucination and imagination owned by nonsensical witch doctors.

I was saddened. I was emotional.  I became weak. I was ultimately drenched with misery as Job in the Bible said. My heart felt like bemoaning the pain with loud screams of pain. My sentiments were beyond my wheel. It was like I was a stranger in a world of malice when in actual facts human cruelty is something people are accustomed to.
I spent much time questioning “How come such people with wicked ideologies residing in their brains survive the birth process?
But I further gave a thought and asked myself “what will these sad feelings of mine do to solve the issue?” The answer was “Absolutely nothing.

Elizabeth Jane Cochrane (Nellie Bly), Donal Terill, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, Peter Warren, Tim Lopes, Antonio Salas, Stuart Goldman, Gunter Wallraff and John Howard Griffin are some of the few undercover journalists who have done their  parts for the betterment of society. Their works have named, shamed and jailed many unscrupulous officials who use their power and authority to suit themselves as Anas will describe.

Children mostly girls as young as 8 are traded to men as old as 69 for amounts as low as $15 to play the role as a wife with the sexual actions inclusive. In Tanzania, parents with children of albinism sell the parts of these innocent beings who had no power in increasing the amount of melanin on their skins before birth to witch doctors for rituals normally geared towards the spiritual aid for wealth acquisition.  Some parents needn’t exist.
After the premiere of the Ghana Soul Takers at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology of which I participated in, I realized it was possible for mad, dead and disabled men to acquire a driver’s license so far as there was some Cedi above the normal and lawful amount of about GH60 cedis to be given. Driving Schools, the National Health Insurance (NHIS) offices, the Customs Excise and Preventive services (CEPs), the Immigration services, the Ghana Police Service (GPS), the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA), the Motor Transport and Traffic Unit (MTTU), Orphages, the Social Security and National  Insurance Trust (SSNIT) and Prisons are a few of the places where the laws enshrined by our constitution are ignored for meagre amounts.

Feelings of pity towards those who consistently suffer because of some irregularities they had no power to alter will forever stay as long as humans have cardiovascular activity in them. This pity will be continual until a revolution with respect to Africa’s mindset is materialized in every corner and region of this rich in natural resource but poor in human resource continent.

What good is pity if no action to prevent that pity is executed.
We do not have to always sit and agonize about problems solvable.

I’ll use all the  power I have and yet to have to fight for the helpless and I know you will too.
I’ll have that audacity and impetus to ignore risks that comes with fighting for the weak since I might most certainly crush the tails of the giant rattle snakes ruling our society. Authority normally perpetrates crimes of corruption because they have power over the resources and ensure how it is allocated.
I can never do this alone.
Let us stand up and fight against anything and everything that stands detrimental to the wellbeing of the entire population.
Corruption, Illnesses, and other primitive cultural practices of which most of us have already learnt about in school should be alienated.

The ability to Say No is a depiction of that MATURITY so many grown bodies walking on the streets of the  planet lack or have an inadequacy in.

Say no to Corruption.
Say no to Ebola.
Say no to POLITICIANS and yes to IDEALISTs with the force of action.
Say no to unhealthy comparison and criticism.
Say no to any form of murder.
Say no to Misogynists.
Say no to any form of sexual abuse.
Say no to Cholera.
Say no to FGM.
Say no to negative manipulations that champion one’s own selfish interests.
Say no to belittling one another.
Say no to the creation of fake documents.
Say no to Cyber Fraud.
Say no to the Cruel Widowhood rites.
Say no to the Trokosi System.
Say no to Suicide.
Say no to Discrimination against PLWHIV/AIDs.
Say no to Poor Sanitation.
Say no to Propaganda and look at the issue from the core.
Say no to the heart and yes to the head on issues of national interest and security.
Say no to ……………………

The trials and predicaments are infinite.
If I decide to continue, the management of WordPress blogging might block me for flooding their storage  with “Say No” tags.
We have the ability to think and for the last time

Say No to Anything Negative

Stand up
Ghana, Africa and the Universe needs each and every individual to ensure that change you need to see in the World.

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Twitter: @AcHaaB_dAn
IG: achaab_dan_gh

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