Changing The African Memo & Maximizing Your Talents (Insight From KSM)


For the past two years, an ideology has been developing in my mental faculty. I always questioned that ideology thinking it was a form of hallucination and was baseless until I went for Success Africa 2014 (Africa Young Leaders Entrepreneurs Summit) with the theme “Living Your Dream“. The highly educational seminar was organized by LEC foundation and the College of Arts and Social Sciences (CASS) of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). This series of seminars held has been known to change many lives. At the summit, I heard an echoe from the voice of a great man (Kwaku Sintim-Misa) speaking those same words found in my mind. With this, a strong vigor erupted and I have decided to be continual in the act of preaching that ideology. The solution to the problems of Africa lies in the idea because it aims at solving the problems of the youth who will most definitely have the African crown of leadership very soon.

The words Memo, Talents and Mediocrity are key to the problem solving ideology for the youth, hence a little explanation on them.

A memo is simply a short note carrying vital information.

Mediocrity is simply the ability of being intermediate between two extremes.  It depicts an average degree of quality but is no better than standard.

A Talent is the natural ability to do something and excel. All, apart from Atheists believe it’s a gift from GOD.

Ghana has been and will always be a beautiful country for many tourists and foreigners for one rich thing normally termed as peace and stability. Love is all around. Tensional events like the 2012 General Elections have proven that people fear to take arms against others because there is always that inextricable link between them and the portrayed enemies which comes in the form of inter-marriages and interdependence.
Ghana is undisputedly commended on peace all around the world. As to whether the tentacles of commendation can be stretched to other sectors of the country will more certainly cause a Ghanaian to bemoan out of his/her own pity on the pity placed on his/her country.
Generically, Africa has always been accustomed to an average view of life. The “Let God Do It (Fa ma Nyame syndrome)” has encapsulated a great part of the black pigmentation causing a decline in the way our brains function to reality.
KSM spoke on a 2 hour trouble he had to succumb to in relation to a flight from Accra to Kumasi causing him to be late for the seminar. He further compared the Ghanaian Airline System to that of other Non-African countries he had the chance to stay in and a sad realisation sprung up. It was that, if the same flight was delayed somewhere outside Africa, the airline operators will consistently apologize to the passengers for the inconvenience created in the form of statements or discounts.  It is rather unfortunate that not only did the operators of the Ghanaian Airline show no concern to the inconvenience created but the victims of the inconvenience created were normal because the issue of inconvenience was usual to them. They fully accepted mediocrity. This has been the blueprint and memo of Ghana and Africa at large for many decades. The mentality of the Ghanaian is built on a form of mediocre. We have agreed and accepted irregularities in our respective African nations to the extent of that reducing the standard of effective production in all sectors of development.  The image of mediocrity is invisible yet invincible in tearing Mama Africa apart.  Our leaders who fall in the old generational category created the memo and the time is NOW for the new generation and posterity to change  that.

A change can be materialised if the mindset towards accepting mediocrity is extricated from the nature of the black man.

A change is possible when the mindset of the African is tuned to achieving greater intellectual and developmental heights via his/her brains and not the heart.
Many Africans are too sentimental and that makes us lowly mentally equipped to solve our problems.
Africa can make it. The youth have talents to save the continent. The youth can nurture a talent to grow it or ignore it to kill it.
To the youth reading, analyze yourself to see where you have peaked, for the individual is different at all sectors.
Lionel Messi is a genuis at soccer but there is no doubt that him trying to sing might kill the music industry.  So will it be for KSM to try boxing and be a fiasco and then be great at being the King of Ghanaian Primetime via his irresistible The KSM Show.
Sadly, our ideologies on talents are limited to the creative circles of singing, poetry, dancing, writing and acting. Note this, a talent is simply anything one can do at ease and can be appreciated by those watching. So the fact that one’s talent is not common does not mean the talent has no worth. At the time Bill Gates started with a talent towards computing, very few people had PCs or even knew what a computer was or how it worked. Bill never said Computers are uncommon hence I’ll quit. He rather pursued his heart where the passion for talents normally lies, quit school and is now among the richest men in the world through Microsoft. The youth of Africa have no choice than to maximize their talents to mark a redemption song.There is also an ignored benefit of talent maximization. KSM described this benefit as collateral.
Collateral Damage is a destruction to things that are incidental to the intended target hence Collateral Benefits can be a benefit that affects other parts and not only the targeted place. This means your talent maximization will ensure a maximization on other parts of your development and life and not only the talent you intended to maximize.

I humbly plead to young Mr. and Mrs. Populace of Mama Africa to Say NO to mediocrity and change the usual Memo to an unusual memo of development.

Kwaku Sintim-Misa popularly known as KSM on the screens of Africa for his satirical comedy, acting, directing and controversial scripts for plays mostly dealing with the day to day issues  of African life is also a great inspirer, author, talk show host, teacher and father. He is actually the oldest young gentleman from Ghana. KSM’s wisdom is not only experienced during his radio and television talk shows but has now spread to many parts in the form of writing books and seminars geared towards equipping the youth with information that will immunize them against the tough world they are yet to face. This shows his love for the youth. In addition, he is the king of primetime television. His works include Thoughts of a Confused Black Man, Nyame Som Ye De, Politically Incorrect, Afia Siriboe, Saga of a Returnee, the most popular television show in Ghana, Thank God It’s Friday (TGIF) now called The KSM Show.

His recent work on books is titled “Unlocking the Job Market“.

I was very fortunate to meet this man to learn from the knowledge his grey hair had acquired over the years and then unmake mistakes that would have been executed by me just because I had an all black hair depicting immaturity.

To father KSM, I say the youth loves you for all your efforts to make the world a better place for their utilization.

FB: Achaab_dan GH
Twitter: @AcHaaB_dAn
IG: achaab_dan_gh

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