Ever Noticed Kevin Hart’s Predominant Role?

Kevin Hart is hilariously talented and has given a new look to comedy.The short black definition of stand up comedy has mostly played roles of being the odd one in all circles.

Check out the American comedy reality television parody on BET popularly known as Real Husbands Of Hollywood since 2013 and you will find out that Hart is strongly unique when compared to Nick Cannon, Nelly, Bobby Brown, ‎Boris Kodjoe, J.B. Smoove and Duane Martin.

Think Like A Man (2012) and Think Like A Man Too (2014) portrayed him as Cedric the married guy who got married to a woman as strong as Wendy Williams and unfortunately stands in the position of wanting  to be the happier divorced guy.

35 and Ticking shows a guy named Cleavon who actually doesn’t know what he is about concerning a romantic life. He distributes his sperm for a living and does a whole lot of things that are not considered normal. His actions in the movie actually shows a great difference when compared to Keith Robinson.

About Last Night depicts him as Bernie Litgo, a guy who actually doesn’t care about his actions.

think like a man too
Whether or not directors are the ones giving that role to him or he is the one
requesting for that doesn’t really matter for he is uniquely great at that.
Hoping to see Kevin in an argument with Madea. It will be legendary but Kevin will
definitely go home an amputee ’cause Madea is never going to spare him. She will beat the heck out of his little black body.

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