Amanda Jissih Needs A Boyfriend, Interested Guys Can Apply


Loneliness has been a thing that affects many by making them feel sad. Even the rich and famous are not left out when the claws of loneliness strikes. There comes a time in the life of every normal living human, when we feel we need someone to be there for us in periods of joy and grief. A time when we need someone to keep us warm in cold nights.
That time is due for a Ghanaian celebrity who is a female singer, actress,  radio and tv presenter.

The award winning host of the popular entertainment show E-Talk on GhOne Television (Amanda Jissih) requested earlier on social media (Twitter) that she needs a boyfriend and added that interested guys could apply by dropping their applications at the front desk of the GhOne studios.  Her requirements were a little outrageous.


Bed size
There is no doubt that Amanda really loves and takes her huge size into consideration. She will not like to squeeze herself in a student’s mattress size bed hence the insistence on a bed size awareness in the application. Most certainly, her interest lies in a Queen size bed that will be able to accommodate her, her lover and stuff couples do to please each other. That’s key. So interested guys, search for something huge if you don’t want to fail Amanda’s test.

Few female celebrity will take the idea of having Shaka Zulu as a boyfriend most especially when the paparazzi are always waiting to take a picture for media houses and tabloids. Amanda requested that a picture of the applicant be placed in the application to ensure she knows whether or not she is selecting the guy with the physical features she admires.

Tithe Book
There could be two reasons for this requirement.  It could be Amanda needs a guy who is faithful, doesn’t joke with his Christian virtues as a tither or she wants to know the actual income or financial status of the guy she might select.  Interested guys, in case you are not a tither yet want to share a high level of intimacy with the beautiful AJ, go to any church now to request for a tithe card or book. The pastors will be more than willing to give you one. And this could be your ticket to her heart.

FB: Achaab_dan GH
Twitter: @AcHaaB_dAn
IG: achaab_dan_gh

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