Ama Boahemaa To Win an Award for the Best MJ Skin


Some years back the Ghanaian world of Christian music experienced a new talent with the release of an album titled “Bue Kwan Ma Me“. The album was a great hit at a time when Ghanaians were not accustomed to the act of downloading music online. This meant  her music was purchased via CDs, casettes and concerts.
Unfortunately for the gospel music industry and fortunately for Ama, the gospel inspirational singer left for Europe. After a relatively long period of stay in Europe, Ama returned. Her return has created a negative media’s attention to her for some time now not because she came back after a long stay but for a transformation that the black people of Ghana will find difficult to comprehend. She became white and for someone who was even darker than Agya Koo becoming white will undoubtedly cause an uproar from the many who frown at skin bleaching. In view of her skin transformation, the Association for MJ Skin Transformation (AMJST) headed by me will secretly organize and create a special award for her to show our appreciation.

It has actually not been easy for the supposed gospel singer since her return in view of the fact that the majority in populace in Ghana frowns at skin bleaching, skin toning and any kind of skin transformation that clearly alters the natural make-up of the black skin. Yvonne Nelson is an example of a celeb who was a victim under consistent media scrutiny and negative publications. These grew as a result of her skin change. Yvonne denied allegations of skin bleaching saying she rather practised Skin Toning.

Ama’s answer when asked questions on her drastic skin change blamed it all on excessive milk intake and the European weather conditions. Her answer came up in an exclusive interview with the Germany-based Ghanaian journalist, Francis Frimpong-Manson popularly known as Nkosuohene.
What a skin transformation?
Never knew a stay In Europe with an excessive milk intake could make someone as dark as Agya Koo as white as Anne Hathaway, until Ama Boahemaa said so.

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