A Quote from Ex President Jerry John Rawlings on Justice


After watching a video of the strong dictator who later transformed into a man of democratic consideration, I realised how people belittled Christianity and Islam with respect to telling the truth at the Law court.

The Ex President of Ghana, Flight Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings said at a conference:

I think yesterday  I was citing an example of three people in a room. By the following morning, one was dead. And the other two who were alive were arrested and taken to court. And as they were asking them or as the court proceedings were going on, the case was beginning to find one of them guilty. And they were going to make a pronouncement on him. You know what he asked?

The one who is alive, he and I, we come from the same village. We’ve sworn on the Bible, sworn on the Qu’ran, sworn on the sword. And yet I’m the one been found guilty. Please, I beg the judge, et cetera. Take us to the village we come from, we have a shrine over there. And let us go and swear on that shrine and see whether I am innocent or he is the culprit. Whether I am the murderer or he is the culprit.

That’s all the question I ask these Catholic priests, they could not answer me. Because they know. You’re not going to swallow any poison, but they know that we don’t fear that Bible, we don’t fear that Qu’ran, but when it comes to our shrine, that one we dare not joke with it, we’ll go and tell the truth.

The white man who brought the Bible into my country, your continent, the Muslim who brought whatever it is. He’s the same person who has gone and invented the lie detector test, the chemical interrogation test.

I would dare you to go and line up some of your finest policemen, some of your finest head of states, some of your finest, what you call it “judges”, make any allegations against me. You included. One of the questions you want to ask. Take me through a chemical interrogation, I will be the one who will pass. I wonder how many of you will pass.

You know something, chief?  If we can learn to be bold enough  to restore the value of truth in our society, then we will have justice. And that’s why we are suffering.

Truth is so important. Do you know what Ghandi said?  And I don’t need Ghandi to tell it to me. Ghandi said he was looking for truth in God only to discover that God was in truth.

How beautiful? How beautiful?
You know, so chief, when it comes to accusing me, don’t forget. 8 generals, 3 former heads of state, painfully executed.

I, Rawlings will not turn round and commit the very crime for which another man lost his life.

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3 thoughts on “A Quote from Ex President Jerry John Rawlings on Justice

  1. Of course Chairman, you have said it all. He who have the ear must hear and he who know it but refuse to say it, when it get there that day its gonna be vomited. God Bless You. Am so proud of you Chairman, we are solidly behind you.


  2. It is a hard talk but, talk Is cheap. We’ve been talking for so long and it is about time we begin to do more than we talk.


  3. What the Ex president have is the truth,If you look at the this that’s happening in Ghana and Africa.swearing shrines.


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