Angered By Ugandan Nanny’s Plea for Forgiveness

Jolly Tumuhiirwe [the Ugandan Maid who mercilessly attacked toddler] told from the Luzira Prison,

My dad in Kabale was very sick and my mom did not have any money. I asked my bosses for some money to send to my dad but they told me that I hadn’t made a month yet and my father was dying, so it kept on haunting me. That is the more reason I transferred the anger to the baby but I’m sorry. But that madam (Arnella’s mom) is not easy. She used to say that I steal money from the clothes and Eric’s wallet, I eat the babies food…and yet I can’t eat the food, I’m not a baby, those were all lies, so, I was also not happy from my heart. I feel guilty..ok when I was doing it I thought I was disciplining the baby because also the mother sometimes slaps her, I also saw from the mom. The torch I used was small and it’s not hard. I think, I will never do it again.

Should her above statement justify her actions? Why should she be forgiven? Judging from the way she molested that toddler, there is nothing like forgiveness in her heart and dictionary. She has to die. I don’t care but thats the best punishment I think she has to pay with. Her fate lies in the hands of the court. But this is what I think. My thoughts are mine.


Just because an 18 month old child”s mum mistreated you shouldn’t give you the audacity and impetus to act in such a manner. Your apology is nothing and has no justification to your case and actions. Shockingly, she was describing how small and light the torch she used was. In fact, I don’t think your sick dad at the village will be happy to know that his daughter molested an 18 month old child in the name of anger transfer. That child was defenseless. Arnella did nothing more than but behaving as a child should.

The concept, theory and practice of forgiveness was not applicable at the time the secret camera was working, why then should it be applicable when the camera is now enjoying the fruits of its labour?

Click here >>>   , to watch the video of Baby Arnella been mistreated by Nanny Jolly.

There’s no doubt that I would’ve gone to jail for murder, if I were to be the dad of that innocent toddler who wasn’t seen innocent by an unscrupulous nanny. Just thinking of the number of times that child and many other children have suffered off Camera leaves me in relentless pain. I am saddened and angered at the same time. Only real mothers will know how I feel. We don’t have to pretend to have the heart of forgiveness just because the Bible or Religion says so. We live in a society encapsulated with people of diverse roots, cultures, ideologies, religion etc and the judicial law is the only law of unification regardless of creed, religion, race, tribe, political affiliation, colour. Etc. She can’t go free. She must pay accordingly.

That form of punishment she gave to the child has a result of death. Just preaching equality in punishment. Kicks on the stomach and face, whooping an undeveloped ass with a plastic torchlight and a lady weighing more than 60 kg on a toddler? No and never. Mercy will do no good. No judge must accept any plea even if it comes from the family of the toddler. Arnella has to speak for herself and that can be exemplified from her moanings shown on the surveillance camera The earth would be worse if it condones such acts of wickedness. Humans are aware of what they do the 99 out of 100 times they sin or commit crimes. Jolly would’ve been the best nanny ever with care and an endless depiction of love if she knew there was a camera geared at her direction.

You can call this post harsh. But I want you to remember that harsh is also a perfect attribute to describe the treatment that wicked creature gave to a child who has no power to differentiate between right and wrong.

To those asking if it is my view that she dies, I say to you: My view is, that’s the best punishment that could be attributed to such an act of cruelty.

To those saying, the world should have mercy on her and asking “what happened to the mercy Christ had for us by dying on the cross?”, I turn the question back to you in this way.

What happened to all the mercy  that was to be shown to a toddler who couldn’t differentiate between  right and wrong?

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