Why Mock One’s Religion?

Pic Of the Day


The picture above depicts a homosexual act of torture in which Jesus is helplessly chained to the cross about to suffer a sexual abuse from the devil. Is that fair? Should we be joking with another person’s faith even if we don’t partake or believe in it? Can peace reign if acts like these are ensured with impunity?

The world is engulfed with audacious beings who also sing songs with lyrics “I Really Don’t Care“. People like the artist who abused his artistic talent to mock God. Mockery is another key source of conflicts in the world. Out of mockery, the victim breeds resentment, anger and hate towards the mocker.

I sometimes wonder, will the earth be this peaceful if the concept and faith of Christianity championed an instant justice of physical attack towards anyone who mocks the faith of its followers? We have seen numerous countries suffer the consequences of one killing in the name of religion. In Nigeria, Churches have suffered the wrath of blazing infernos started through bombings by a supposed Islamic terrorist group, Boko Haram. Many terrorists normally defend their actions of violence with the assertion of been custodians of the Islamic religion. However, I don’t believe Islam supports terrorism. The tag of terrorism on Islam is very stereotypical and too general, that is where the bad comes in.


John Lennon's Words Affected The Touring Of Beatles

John Lennon‘s murder was caused out of rage. Mark David Chapman murdered John because he was furious about John’s views and lyrics concerning God and religion as an umbrella. The Ku Klux Klan also nailed albums by the Beatles promising vengeance after John’s “more popular than Jesus” statement in 1964. This shows how far one can go in the name of religion. This also explains Karl Max‘s “Religion is the opium of the masses” quote. Recently, a Christian family experienced the torture of pain before death. They were burnt alive in Pakistan after rumors circulated that the family cast some verses of the Quran into a furnace. This is a tip of the iceberg with such cases common through out the history of man.


Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity has been a strong victim of mockery. His mercies have tentacles of infinite lengths in favor of mockers who are redeemed from the punishment they would’ve suffered.

In order to sustain order in the new global world, we need to try our ultimate best in understanding, tolerating and accepting other people’s views mostly with issues about religion. For religion is powerful and can cause one to take his or her life in the name of suicide bombings with hopes of futuristic rewards. The fact you don’t believe in one’s faith should not create vacancy for mockery.
If religious mockery continues, I’m afraid the earth will be more than hell in times to come because people can stand the heat of hell to defend their faith.


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