Your Perception Can Make Or Unmake You (Insights from a Young Entrepreneur)


A new year message can be more than an inspirer or teacher. I was fortunate enough to be a  friend of Mr. Degbor.His new year message to his friends via Facebook taught me so much that I decided to make a blog post quoting him word for word. The below was his post.

An experiment was conducted for a group of participants during a training programme. Some water was left in a glass cup and the participants of the programme were asked to tell what they could see. Some said they could see a half-filled glass of water. Others said they could see a glass that was half empty, and still in the same class, another group of participants interpreted the whole thing as water in the middle of a glass. That goes to say that life could be viewed differently from different perspectives and by different people. Thus, your output in life is directly tied to your perception or how you view life. Life is a product of personal adventure. Whereas some people are optimistic, others are pessimistic. Some perceive success before them while others perceive failure. Many see only the small aspects of life without seeing the big opportunities which life has to offer and which are virtually all around us. I am a great proponent of seeing the glass as half full, and it has really worked for me. So even if it doesn’t come to you naturally, I hope you’ll be willing to give it a try. If you do, you’ll discover that having high hopes is definitely not an idealistic, naive approach to life. Having high hopes is actually a down to earth, common sense approach to making good things happen and facing challenges head on. What you need to remember is that how you perceive yourself and the life you lead is what will determine how your future will indeed unfold. Stop pointing fingers on such imaginary factors such as destiny and fate. Your perception is your reality, so decide now to be in charge of your own perception of reality. Envision how you’d write the next chapter of your story. Focus your perception on creating a new reality, one where you are in charge of your own destiny. Better yet, actually sit down and write it. Be optimistic about your future.Having said that, may I submit to you that maintaining an optimistic attitude isn’t enough, though it does make things a little easier. Godwin Martey, a friend to Jeremiah Buabeng , one of my ‘secret inspirers’, for lack of a better phrase, put it this way. “The future is not bright until you DELIBERATELY polish it” You can sit down all day and proclaim that the future is bright but until you get off your butts and take some deliberate action steps, you will only be living in fools paradise. You need to take massive and inspired ACTION. This requires a little elbow grease, discipline and rugged determination. A sense of hope combined with hardwork and tenacity always delivers results. So roll up those sleeves and lets see what problems you can solve, what opportunities you can uncover, and what changes and dreams you can set in motion. If there’s one thing I know, It’s that you are capable, worthy and good enough. This is your life. Only YOU can make things happen! Rather than being a product of life, allow life to be a product of what you choose to create. I believe in you! I wish you an achievement filled new year. May 2015 be our year of ACTION!

Dennis Degbor is a Ghanaian aspiring to be a great writer, speaker and entrepreneur. HETURA books is a platform and medium to experience his works. He is also passionate about Africa. And  believes the current generation holds the unique opportunity to transform our continent. So they must be inspired to instigate the changes that Africa truly needs. And that is what informs his writings.
Contact him on
+233276433313 and Dennis Edem Degbor on Facebook

FB: Achaab_dan GH
Twitter: @AcHaaB_dAn
IG: achaab_dan_gh

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