Barcelona FC Jersey Inward, Real Madrid FC Jersey Outward. A Lesson On Judgements.


Football has never been my passion but it did me good because it has a lesson to teach. Many people who have had the chance to be a little close to me will know I have shown no interest in the sport. Fortunately or unfortunately, we live in a world where the love for Soccer, famously known as football is seen as an inextricable trait of the male factor of the human race. With respect to that, I definitely needed to have at least a football team at heart. At the time I took this decision, Barcelona FC was a team that consistently had wins, and who will like to follow losers. Great men follow great men, and morons follow morons as my last post consistently reiterated. Pope John Senior High School & Minor Seminary, a single sex school of male students brought an impelling force to find a team because football was the normal subject when the guys surrounded the debating table. Barca has been the choice since then. Currently a student of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology, many guys on my hall floor know I’m an adorable fan of the Barcelona Football club. On the first day of this semester, they saw me in a Real Madrid Jersey and the usual occurred.


They said, thinking they’ll get me weak and bad, “out of your bragging for Barca, you still adored Real Madrid at the background.” I wanted to ignore them or speak without thinking but paused for a while and asked them these questions:

Does someone in a suit and tie guarantee that the person in question is as intelligent as Albert Einstein or is of diplomatic and formal importance as the numerous President’s and Ministers of States?

If you see me in tattered clothes, does it guarantee I’m insane? Can’t it be possible I couldn’t afford a perfect attire?

They also paused, thought and realised they judged me in stupidity, after which they all turned and left. Since then, they tell me jokingly anytime they see me in a suit going to church, “That doesn’t guarantee you are sane.” And that’s the beauty I see about the situation, I was able to teach those around me a lesson on deceptive appearances.  The Jersey was part of my dad’s Xmas gifts to me and I didn’t want to give a gift out just because I didn’t like the tag on it. I was wearing a Madrid Jersey alright, but in my heart, it was an attire with the inscription of Messi behind.   

Don’t judge people’s preferences by their appearances, it might play you the fool. Take time for clarification.


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Twitter: @AcHaaB_dAn
IG: achaab_dan_gh

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