Okyeame Kwame Begins 2015 By Beautifying The Concept Of Marriage


Mr. Kwame Nsiah Apau has done it again. This time around, he is not displaying his unique acting skills at his annual show “The Versatile Show“, or killing the MiC with his strong medical lyrics. Okyeame Kwame as he is popularly known in the African music circles has shamed many who say marriage is never a durable commodity when Celebrities appear at the mall. Six years ago, he tied the knot and shared endless vows with the voluptuously beautiful and intelligent lady, Annica. People tried in so many ways to destroy their pact of love by posting and circulating unnecessary rumors and articles asserting that the lovely couple were divorced. Thanks to social media, it is possible for some to be witnesses of love portrayed by Celebs to their soul mates. The Rapdacter posted on his Facebook page, a piece encapsulated with infinite love to tell the world how he adored his wife, his thoughts before marriage and the reality he saw after marriage. The post was more than touching and the superstar proved his versatility knows no boundaries through that. He was the definition of a Romantic Poet. I hope the youth will learn from his depiction of maturity and responsibility by making marriage beautiful and proving the odds against celebrity marriages wrong.

He posted to his page:

Six years ago I was afraid of the word marriage.
*Best Friends
I was afraid that a best friend would become a wife who would then become an enemy.
I was afraid that innocent children and unrelated family members would be caught up in the middle of the fierce social media display of hatred and disgust for ourselves as ex-best friends.
*Sexy Trendy Body
I was afraid that a sexy trendy girlfriend would become a shapeless boring wife.
*Perfect in impections:*
I was afraid that the perfect imperfections of a girlfriend will become a terror stare every morning and during nights when I run out of excuses to stay late at work.
I was afraid that a humble respectful girlfriend would become my co-equal and develop a sharp tongue which will slice my ego in public with Tweaaa.
*Losing Fame
I was afraid that the illusion of my artistic persona will diminish as I constantly exhibit my human errors and imperfections.
*Anadwo Ede
I was afraid that three times a day of excitement would reduce to once a night but with looooong hours of begging.
I was afraid I will loose you to religion and that our all nights will become your all night in the fellowship of spiritual mmaa kuo sisters whilst the winter in my bed drives into the summer of another woman’s bed.
But six years after facing the fear of marriage.
Our friendship is stronger than best friends had ever experienced.
The joy of raising our offsprings together blooms into a beautiful unit and this makes our families (extended) love each other even
more than we love ourselves
*Sexy trendy body*
Your sexy trendy body though has increased in inches and is still the number one reason why I am always in a hurry to be with you. This feeling is skin deep.
*Perfect in impections:*
Your imperfection is a constant reminder of my imperfections.
Overcoming our personality differences increases my knowledge and consciousness of self and others. I love that side of you that I am yet to conquer.
I now understand that though I’m the head of this body. However, you are the neck that makes it turn. Though to your advantage most of the time you make the head turn in a positive direction so your tweaaa comes not in public.
*Losing Fame
You have sacrificed your personal dreams and my goals are your goals. You illuminate my strengths and dim my errors. My stars hide when yours shine.
*Anadwo Ede
Three times a day of excitement has reduced to once a night and long hours of begging but it is because we are chasing other very
important dreams during the day.
We have found an important balance of sacred and secular. You know that increment in spirituality only makes physical beings more sensitive to other people’s needs.
APAU. May our next Sixth anniversary have a zero after it.

FB: Achaab_dan GH
Twitter: @AcHaaB_dAn
IG: achaab_dan_gh
E-mail: achaabdan@gmail.com

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