I Hate To Learn In My University & I Don’t Regret It


I’m not learning. It’s sad because I hate to know I’m not learning. But I’m happy on the other side of the story because I know this doesn’t suggest I’m not learning in entirety. I’m happy because I know I’m not learning in accordance to the University‘s method and for that matter, the university is not a reality to me. After all, one will come out as a graduate of medical school and yet, have issues with governments paying their salaries after numerous months of offering services to the poor, this possibly creates strikes in the health sector. I mean the HEALTH sector, a sector in charge of human life. The education system is where I will approach less due to how sad the situation is. Teachers in Africa, the working force in charge of shaping the ideologies of the continent’s future leaders are poorly paid.


What I’m doing is authentic learning because it takes authentic courage to ignore the power bestowed upon the numerous and common candidates of the “Chew and Pour” trait through the trending nature of many universitities. I believe learning should be empirical. The student must be experienced. He or she must progress from observation to observation in the search for reality and not from preconceived hypothesis or opinions to observation. That is, sometimes we have to defy the normal steps of scientific method. Hasty theorizing must be avoided because it enhances the chew and pour formula. And this has crippled Africa. We are not moving in the right direction.

I think I know why I’m not learning. Its simple. Passion. The interest is not there. Someone might aspire to be a journalist, refined educationist, fashion designer, musician and et cetera but parents will be like become a doctor, lie_awyer, engineer and et cetera.
Authoritative personalities of the Education system have forgotten that passion is a spare key to Success with Commitment as the master key. As I always say, I will never let the constraints of my immediate surroundings disregard the dreams and methods I have set for myself. I will not pretend to like the system just because the system has the documentative power to award degrees. I will not be forced to falsely and temporarily memorise facts, ignoring the power in understanding and applying concepts just because a lecturer will set “potomanto” questions or questions with blank spaces inculcated in them. I hate to say this. The learning process is actually fake and that’s why many of Africa’s leaders (mostly economists and lawyers) fail their people. Unfortunately, they knew how to memorise temporarily to pass when they were in school.


I’m never against effective memorisation. I’m against what is popularly referred to as “chew and pour“. I thought the aim of education was to imbibe knowledge into the lifetime student for further application of that knowledge to make the world a much better place, unless I’m wrong. Unfortunately, students of Social Sciences are forced by lecturers to do the temporary Copy and Paste because they usually come in large numbers in virtually all Universities in Africa to be precise. Lecturers hate to mark. They choose the convinience of seeing answers with ease without reading through essay sheets. Social Sciences are normally tagged as Reading Courses or Subjects. This caused me to ask, “If the lecturers of reading subjects are reluctant to reading essay like answers which may probably have not just sincere answers but detailed ones, how much more the student of the lecturer?“.

Its time. The time is now. Forgo the fake educative method that will leave you with nothing but a document, I mean a degree. Go for real education, education with power and passion attached to it. After all, your degree is no better and influential than Attitude. I will prefer to leave the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology with a Pass and an attachment of a vast knowledge on education to help change Africa than to leave with a First Class with virtually nothing in my head due to fake memorisation.

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