Suicidal People are Dangerous To Your Prosperity


The thought of committing Suicide is very confusing. The relief the victim feels he/she will have after leaving this world is temporarily substituted by the pain causing the thought of taking his/her own life. Experience being the best teacher is an ultimate issue of truth when it comes to suicides because I have been there before and anyone from every part of the world who has been there before will tell you this,  “suicide seems to always be the best solution and option when one faces a problem that seems unsolvable.” For clarity, suicide is the deliberate act of taking one’s life whereby the murder is committed by the dead person or victim himself. In this case, the jury will have to prosecute the spirit of the dead victim and murderer at the same time, which is an impossibility because the Judicial sector of our world does not even recognize spiritism with respect to court proceedings. The deity issue only comes in during the Oath Swearing procedure.

Suicide knows no boundaries because it is normally found around emotional issues and every human certainly has a location in their heart that succumbs to pain, no matter how heartless the person can be. Robin Williams, Marilyn Monroe, Tony Scott and Kurt Cobain are some famous celebrities perceived by millions to have taken their own lives. Suicide has numerous causes. Loneliness, Huge Unpayable Debts, Rejection, Isolation, Strong expectations and popularity making failure or other issues unbearable and a Feeling of Worthlessness are some examples. A Poor and Bad Economic Environment may also cause suicides. This can definitely make this statement plausible; that numerous people residing in Ghana or Africa at large, stand a high risk of taking their lives due to the nature of the environment. Anomic suicide and Fatalistic suicides which springs from lawlessness and excessively strict laws respectively are other examples illustrated by the sociological functionalist, Durkheim. Billions feel the tendency to feel pity for people who have the zest to commit suicide. These people feeling pity for themselves other than the one who wants to commit suicide may be a better option. I’m not about to say people should forgo such sentiments. I’m rather going to say this, feel pity for yourself each and everytime you find yourself around suicidal people. Suicide bombers actually make places prone with them, say Iraq and Pakistan, very dangerous to live in. Ignoring the tragedy of the existence of suicide bombers, those who even murder themselves without bombs are also harmful to you.  They are vernominous. They can kill you. They can put you behind bars. The reason is, they don’t value their lives and feel they have nothing to loose, with regards no fear to take any action as far as jeopardy is concerned. Take this analogy into consideration.


Aniyaa used to be a highly successful stock broker in the US. She had problems of immigration permit and faced deportation. She finally goes back to Ghana, her homeland she abandoned due to the longing pursuit for greener pastures. Aniyaa feels her homecoming needs to be glorious and foolishly caring about what others will think of her than loving herself, goes for a GH¢50,000 loan to prevent people from tagging her as the one who lived in a great country for decades and yet brought nothing home. Due to money’s power of increasing one’s level of stupidity, the 55 year old lady does not invest the money into something worth counting on. But rather buys unnecessary fashionable outputs, then rents luxurious hotel places and rides. After portraying her fake lifestyle of extravagancy, the time for settling debts seems to draw near. Her money was gone. That was when she realised how stupid she was. That was when she felt the power of hades evident on earth. Aniyaa was humilated. The pain was too much for her to take. Meanwhile, Abalansa, an old friend of Aniyaa realised the lady who borrowed money from him to go overseas decades ago without paying back was back. Out of anger, he took a gun, rushed to Aniyaa’s fake residence. Before Abalansa got there, Aniyaa bought some DDT to commit suicide. She felt that was the only way to end her humiliation. With a gun in his hands to threaten Aniyaa to pay his money and even with interest, Abalansa approached Aniyaa in anger. Aniyaa felt she had nothing to loose because she saw death as a friend to end her tribulations of shame. With respect to this, she insulted the angry man beyond measure. She dared the man to shoot her with powerful words. She continued by saying “Abalansa, there is no way out. I can’t be alive, for my existence after this encounter we are having will mean you are going to jail.” This aggravated Abalansa and he pulled the trigger. He did this because he knew he had no money to hire a lie_awyer to defend his case. The loud bang of the gunshot created awareness. The receptionist called the police and Abalansa was arrested. The murderer of Aniyaa was forced to commit suicide before his trial. He ended his life afterwards.

Judging from the story above, Abalansa had no intention to murder Aniyaa. He just had in mind to use the gun as a tool to threaten her for his money. Do you think he has a chance to escape the negative consequences of his unintended actions? There is no doubt though, he was a victim of the victim of suicide’s intention. The fact is, a defense for his situation almost seemed untenable and outrageous. He knew in his heart, the difficulty in convincing the jury attached to his situation. Be ever ready to prevent one from committing suicide but be extremely careful on the other side when one shows signs of a potential victim of deliberate suicidal actions.


Below are signs to show one might commit suicide;
● The person talks about having no reason to live and proclaims worthlessness and hopelessness.
● Sudden mood swings (Victims of Bipolar Syndrome stand a risk).
● Feeling Isolated or withdrawn from society.
● Giving valuables and properties out.
● Increased Alcohol and Drug use.
● Sudden fall (mostly occurs with highly successful people who meet great failure beyond their comprehension. This is described by Émile Durkheim in his Sociological book “Suicidé” published in 1897).
● One’s search for a harmful tool, lets say gun or poison, does not necessarily mean the person will induce harm to others. He could be on the verge of harming himself.
● Talking about being a burden to others.

Suicide is not just harmful to the victim, but also the same to anyone who is near the scene of murder. Be careful! You may be a victim!


Take note of this again and again, As soon as someone thinks of committing suicide, you become an endangered factor of the human species. For that matter, show love to everybody. Be there for the fragile and vulnerable. You might save yourself by preventing another from having the thoughts of committing suicide.

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