Word From Professor Stephen Addae


Born and raised a Royal should never prevent you from learning from the Beggar on the streets. Born and raised a Pig shouldn’t prevent you from gaining information from the Peacock. I am in line with this. Born and raised Catholic, yet have adored to learn from all people, doctrines and cultures. I think I adopted this trait from Sociological reasoning. No one person on earth has all knowledge. Time would not even give man the satisfaction of knowing everything. Reading all insightful books written worldwide will take more than the lifetime of the best and fastest reader. In view of this, I sacrificed my normal routine of going to my church on sundays, for a word from Professor Stephen Addae. I did that for this reason. I will always meet my preacher and teacher, but will also not always get the chance to learn from great men like Mr. Addae. It could be a once in a lifetime situation. He paid the Pentecost Students & Associates of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (PENSA-KNUST) a visit and I was a beneficiary of that event. I knew of Professor Addae as a man of intellectual grounds and not a minister of God‘s Word. I only saw one side of his story and I guess that stands a strong reason why I was touched by his speech, sermon, talk, seminar or any way you might put it. Speaking on the topic, Men Of Honour: Integrity In Your Love Life, here are some quotes of wisdom I amassed from a short but voluminous in wisdom talk.

Quotes From Professor Stephen Addae

Anybody commiting fornication and has a feeling of content with it shows that the person  is destined for Hades.

God does not approve adultery as a basis for divorce. He just doesn’t blame the husband for the adultery if she committed  it before the divorce. A divorce puts someone into a circumstance of committing adultery.

Truth is not democratic.


Ghana’s problems does not come because the country has no money  but because of the wickedness of the heart.

The difference between the human and the dog is that , we have been given the chance to make choices when it comes to passion. You don’t go about stealing everything you see when you are hungry. And that’s why humans will be the only factor of biology to be judged.

How we handle our sex life is an indication of whether you are a child of God or not.

I am scared when I go to the church of Pentecost most at times. This is because everyone speaks in tongues and I believe the majority are learnt or from the devil. Speaking in tongues is a gift. Its sad, someone just fornicated last night, comes to church and is able to speak in tongues.

Do not be  a dishnonorable honorable. The meaning of “minister” is “servant”. How many of you see our ministers of states as servants to the people?

The disciplines of your youth will carry you through the disciplines of marriage.     

If you are practising fornication, you are simply programming yourself for adultery.

If you are here and you can’t tell whether you are going to hell or heaven, I can assure you that you are going to hell.

Any girl who cannot tell a guy “I love you” without saying it is a fool.


Dont wait for Mr or Miss Perfect. Be bold. 

Quotes Found Outside His Talk At KNUST

I met his Excellency, the President the other day and in front of him were 11 motorbikes and 15 cars moving at top speed— about 120 kilometres per hour. That means they consumed fuel twice the normal rate and you will be surprised maybe they were going to commission a rural school. That day the amount of fuel they would consume could be used to establish another rural school.

You live in a country where the President is lying; Ministers are lying; and everybody is lying. How can a Head of State stand in front of a country in this state of affairs and say that the economy is good? It is not good; things are hard.

If we want to have a good economy and country, we have to buckle up as a country, increase national savings, discipline our appetite and decrease corruption, among others.

Professor Stephen Addae was a Rector of the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Adminstration (GIMPA). He is famously known as an Educationist. The factor about him that few know of is that, he is a Theologian and Author of numerous books. He has written so many books with his lovely wife, which stand as guides to counselling mostly on issues about marriage and man’s love life.

FB: Achaab_dan GH
Twitter: @AcHaaB_dAn
IG: achaab_dan_gh
E-mail: achaabdan@gmail.com

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