Reality Tells Us Perfection In Governance Is The Fusion Of Good & Bad


Just as Lauryn Hill said in her insightful album MTV Unplugged 2.0 in 2000, “fantasy is what people want but reality is what they need.” Right from the dawn of history, time has proven to Adam that perfection does not exist on earth but he is blinded by the fears attached to finding the truth. Everyone knows the truth hurts and many will prefer to live in the joy of falacy than to be sad in truth. Perfection is too complicated for the world to fathom. Perfection is flawlessness. Perfection is like the garment of Jesus Christ during the Transfiguration with Moses and Elijah, dazzling white. Perfection can also be Pure Black without any white spot, this with which many will find difficult to accept because we have seen anything that comes with the black color as negative. Even with the black skin fueling the acts of slave trade earlier. Perfection is black beauty without even the tiniest spot of white blemish. Perfection is a state that is pointless when “problem” pops in because problems are alien to perfection. In fact, if there’s any form of perfection, its definitely not found in the universe. Religion provides humanity with answers towards perfection but they mostly lie outside our current life and comes as a reward after the day of accountability. It tells us a lot about perfection but that even comes with a price to pay whilst alive.


Christianity‘s perfect place is Paradise and Heaven, Jannah is perfection for Islam, Svarga loka is the best in Indian religions but what we can find common in all these places of perfection is that they are not established now and can’t be found as we are alive. We can only aspire to these places on earth in relation to our deeds. There are numerous factors that can make man aware of his unawareness that there is no and can’t be any form of perfection as long as we live in this world. I am a rationalist and reasoning has brought me to all these comparatives.

Political Systems
Politics is an avenue of rulership and it will be wrong to bring it into the the picture somewhere later because everyone lives in at least one of the political systems. There are numerous political systems but none of them have proven to be perfect, they have just proven to be better than each other. An in depth knowledge in Sociology and Psychology will  inform you about the human’s nature through rationalism. The human has flaws and that makes everything he touches imperfect even if what he touched had an initial plan to be perfect.

Democracy stands tall among all political systems certainly because it gives an all inclusive and equality look. Many governments rule via a supposed democracy. I think the best of democracy was direct democracy because it was truth and depicted nothing but real equality. It was practised in Athens before Christ came. Every member of the state had an opportunity to meddle in the affairs of the state. But the political system is now nothing more than an illusion because some small cities even have numbers more gigantic than that of ancient Athens, let alone the population of an entire country. Not even the largest stadium in the world can help holding a nation’s entire population. Aside this, democracy has to do with the majority selecting their representatives of rulership. Take note though, that the majority does not necessarily mean the best person is selected. It is even known that the world has foolish people in abundance and the wise in scarcity. Politicians in turn try to please the majority when they gain power in order to gain votes later.


Take note, they try to please. Pleasing the majority by doing their will and doing good work or what is right and prudent can be two different things. Plato put it this way, “Artisans have to know their trades, but politicians know nothing at all, unless it be the ignoble art of pandering to the great beast.” By the great beast, Plato is talking about the people. In my country, Ghana, the majority of politrick-cians as they are popularly known by those who have had the wisdom to realise their acts of wickedness, hide behind the beautiful cloak of democracy to practise an invisible but invincible act of dictatorship to aggrandise wealth illegally. It is clear that democracy has not helped Africa because it always selects incompetence to rule. Who does the selection? Statistics from all over show that the majority of Africans are uneducated. This simply means the majority will do their selection according to instincts, feelings rather than opting for the use of logic. This shows a great problem attached to democracy. The United States of America is considered the best of democratic nations but that has never meant they have no problem. Even the mere fact of having two different parties, the Democrats and Republicans depicts an uncertainty and difference in rulership after every term of a president’s election.

Monarchy is the next to tackle because every country finds it linked to its roots. This form of governance would have been better if not for the fact that rulership is ascribed and not achieved through competence. The positive trait of monarchy is that, it escapes the tribulation many nations have to go through during an election to select another ruler. Elections normally creates tension and division even in the greatest of countries. With monarchy, there is virtually no hope for the people in case their ruler is cruel and cares less about their welfare because the death of the ruler is the only avenue for a change in rulership.


The mere fact of change in governance will certainly not solve the problem of the people because its definitely a child of the wicked ruler that might succeed the deceased ruler. The “Like Father Like Son” phrase can be used here. Genghis Khan is considered as one of the world’s most wicked people in history. Monarchy was his shelter. The Vatican City, Swaziland, Oman, Qatar, Brunei and the United Arab Emirates are some nations practising absolute monarchy. They are not perfect though. Money does not guarantee perfection. Qatar and the UAE are surviving because of an abundance of natural wealth mostly Crude oil. People look at countries like Qatar as perfect but they are definitely not. I quote the World Report on Human Rights Watch for 2014, “Unlike most other Gulf states, Qatar has not experienced serious domestic unrest. Yet the human rights climate remains problematic, particularly for the large and growing migrant worker population. Migrants continue to experience serious rights violations, including forced labor and arbitrary restrictions on the right to leave Qatar, which expose them to exploitation and abuse by employers. Qatar’s poor record on freedom of expression declined further with the announcement of a draft cyber crime law.” The Vatican city is definitely surviving because of the power and respect for religion say, the Catholic Church.

Communism looks good for the poor (democrats) and bad for the rich (oligarchs). How good is a governance system when it discriminates a section? Communism has the aim of solving the problem of inequality but I think it rather condones and breeds what it aims at destroying. Plato and Karl Max are popular figures associated to the ideology of an endless conflict between the poor and rich. The Soviet Union now known as Russia and other nations used to practise this form of governance but later ousted it for another form of governance. China and North Korea still practise it though and are faring well. But that does not still guarantee perfection because they also have problems with ties with other countries. The greatest problem I have for communism is that, the individual is overlooked. His dreams and aspirations can be ignored merely because of the governance system. Not all rich take money from the poor, others work hard for their wealth. Communism ensures togetherness but on the other hand can breed laziness for the poorer in society. Private companies have proven to be better than Public ones over the years. The ownership thought ensures that.


Dictatorship, probably the most hated way of governance has done more harm than good throughout history. The Joseph Stalins, Adolph Hitlers and Idi Amins survived under its wings despite the cruelty they perpetrated. Dictators are linked to the mass abuses. The dictator simply acts according to his whims and caprices. No paper limits his power. There is absolutely no guideline and mostly death is the penalty one suffers for questioning a dictator. Fear is circulated around dictatorship. When people get scared, they shut up even if they have the best solutions to prevent the Titanic world from sinking. That is why Franklin Roosevelt said, “the only thing to fear is fear itself“. For some time, I wished dictatorship continued in Ghana because even though rights were abused, the country had a way forward. Governmental projects were not halted because another party was in power. I always use this analogy. Parents need to be dictators to their children before 16 if they want the child to grow right and imbibe the best of values simply because a child does not have maturity right from the onset. Africa is a child and has not matured to make its own decisions. Over 6 decades after independence has proven that for many African states. Libya was under dictatorship and every child had an assurance of the necessities of life and then Muammar Al Gadaffi was murdered. Things have now changed for Libya and many are now missing the water they ignored and allowed to go down the drain. They are missing Gadaffi. This does not mean dictatorship was perfect though, it had its problems of abusing the rights of citizens because there were no rules bigger than the dictator to put him to book.


From the problems associated with the political systems mentioned above, a fool out of his foolish analysis will say, “why then should we have leadership?, why not stay without leadership?” Selecting Anarchy is the most suicidal among all the above. Think of a child growing without socialization, he or she will definitely become feral. There will be no difference between us and the animal kingdom of the Amazon rainforest. Lawlessness will bring chaos. No leadership will mean no way forward and that is where fear comes in. Things will be like Charles Darwin, Thomas Hobbes and Herbert Spencer‘s assertion, “the survival of the fittest“. The fittest can be cheats and tricksters. Wickedness will be as common as air because everyone has his or her own definition of what is good and bad. Let’s take LGBT as an example, some states support it, others don’t. Imagine a country with different states who have different laws towards Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgenders. Those who hate the act and do not care about inflicting pain will kill people who practise this. Just as a young man was beaten mercilessly in Nima, a town in Ghana after he was suspected to be gay, people will be law enforcers according to their private ideologies. The world will be like Troy under attack headed by Achilles.

Many after analysing this post will be saying that the world is trapped in jeopardy because all political systems do not ensure perfection and even ignoring political systems makes situations worse. I perfectly agree with them. There is good and bad in all political systems. Your perfection is a fusion of bad and good because you live in a political system which perfectly has negativity and positivity. Until we accept this reality, we will always try to solve the imperfect which is perfectly unsolvable. Find reality and you will find truth. Work hard and ignore governance. Depending on governance may destroy your dreams. This goes to those who live in economies that are unfavorable, mostly African economies. Ignore those in power and focus on you. Never allow the status quo to change you. We have had people who made it despite the tough obstacles created by their country’s economy. Stay glued to your hopes. You can make it. We can only have better leadership but not a perfect system. Accepting this reality will free your mind off the problems linked with thinking of its materialisation. Finally, Bobby McFerrin told me to tell you this, “Don’t Worry Be Happy“.

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