Letter To All Aspiring For Positions Around The World


Election periods can be frustrating. Many people who look competent try to win the hearts of the entire citizenry rather than winning their minds through truth. I do not blame the majority who try to win hearts because that is the nature of the status quo. They know the majority are not analytical hence will do no good in finding what they actually stand for. I am a student of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology and with respect to my few minutes in the institution, I have realised something that is common everywhere. If something happens in the University, it simply means it will happen on a larger scale in the outside world, for the university is a nursing bed for the world’s farm. I am sure many students of the various universities around the country are getting tired of seeing flyers and numerous aspirants declaring their respective intentions for a position. This normally happens during the second semester because it is a time to select leaders in all aspects. The majority of aspirants have a selfish trait in them that already disqualifies them in my sight and that is, their audacity and impetus to campaign secretly during lectures. They set in and move quietly from seat to seat declaring their intentions. The lecturers do not recognize this because we all wear casual attires and not uniforms to clearly ensure distinctions. It is more or less like a nuisance nowadays. I recieved an email with many PDFs on all courses I pursued in KNUST and I was not suprised when I realised it came from a College of Arts and Social Sciences (CASS) aspirant. I just wondered and gave a sigh saying in my thoughts “The Things The Thirst For Power Can Do.” Take note, that I’m not an ungrateful beneficiary but just against the aim placed on giving me such benefits. This was the reply I gave to the aspirant after I had his emails engulfed with PDFs I needed.

Dear Aspirant,

I honestly and wholeheartedly appreciate all you have done to help the first years, trying to make things easier for them through guidelines and the rest. But I have the responsibility through analysis to  tell you that it takes more than sympathy to gain the votes of the real thinkers. Why sympathy? I see all the guys trying to help out students with hopes that a vote will be the best form of appreciation. People like me need to come into cognisance with the supposed policies of all aspirants and very few of aspirants make it known to us. All they tell us is that “we will solve problems that were not solved decades ago, we will solve the unsolvable and et cetera.” Let’s face reality. We need to ask questions because it will be very bad to vote another incompetence into power. Sympathy is good but does nothing. All it does is vote into power people based on sentiments rather than using the head. Sympathy actually kills because people who are beneficiaries of this flag are not voted for because of their competence but because the benefactor gained some form of benefits from the aspirant. Sometimes as a leader, you have to ignore any form of sentiments of sympathy in order to be just, fair and right in your administrative duties. Please make your policies known to us and do not make the many ignorant about what I just told you regret for voting for you in case they do so. Good luck with your quest for power and I hope that thirst for power will not make you a monstruous corruption perpetrator.

We need to change the status quo.

FB: Achaab_dan GH
Twitter: @AcHaaB_dAn
IG: achaab_dan_gh

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