How Powerful Is A CONCEPT?

After realising what I wanted, I decided to carry on an opinion poll to find out what others wanted. As usual, many went for money, wealth and riches. Others were emotionally lonely and for that, they said all they needed was love. Probably, they were huge fans of the Beatles and loved their song “All You Need Is Love“.Some also went into professions insisting on the aim to be lawyers, doctors, preachers, musicians, leaders and et cetera. Others mentioned celebrities not forgetting great men they wished to be like or better still outrun. Now, the point I realised was that, all what they wanted converged to the essence of one thing. A thing to ensure that their wants be materialised. It was a CONCEPT. Thus, their dreams, wants and needs will only be achieved via a concept emitting from the powerful ability given to them by God to think.

One may ask, what is a concept? The Oxford Dictionary travels into our brains to see all what a concept is about.

A concept is an understanding retained in the mind, from experience, reasoning and or imagination; a generalization (generic, basic form), or abstraction (mental impression), of a particular set of instances or occurrences (specific, though different, recorded manifestations of the concept).


Concepts are Engulfed with Ideas
Now, a concept does not just come into our minds. Ideas are the materials for the creation of a concept. Ideas only exist in our mind. This simply means we have to make great use of our our hub of thinking. There should be a time allocated for meditation, for an actualisation of what we are currently, what we want to be, how we can achieve what we want in the right way and as well, know where we can run to for help. We have to know this. An idea is very powerful. Microsoft, Toyota, TLEAfrica, Facebook and other great companies started out of an idea. The idea was pluralized to form a concept of uniqueness, afterwhich action fueled the materialization of these ideas. Countries are not exempted because people had to think of seeking and fighting for freedom before gaining their independence. Even with their colonial masters, they had an idea to colonise nations before perpetrating that act. God himself, definitely had an idea of how the universe will be like before creating it. An idea is the seed, without it you are definitely going round in an ignoramus circle of failure.

Wealth Is Found At The Morgue
The late Dr. Myles Munroe had the assertion that the cemetary is the richest place in the world. He never said this because he was a farmer and in effect wanted a soil rich in nutrients due to the numerous rotten human bodies. He never had this idea because he loved to see people die. Dr. Munroe had that assertion because he knew many people died with their ideas which could’ve been transformed into economic giants as great as Google, Apple Inc., et cetera. He knew some dead people never had the chance to unleash their ideas as well as transform them into something great. This takes us back to how powerful ideas can be. An idea built the statue of liberty, an idea of Pan-Africanism formed the AU, certainly a link to the first president of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah. It is that simple. Everything boils down to an idea no matter how powerful that thing or situation is.


Conclusions Are Parallel To Ideas
Another factor we should be aware of is the relationships between our concepts and conclusions. If your concept is wrong then your conclusions will also be wrong. Have a look at these instances.

Abalansa, born and raised in Germany. Grieviously, he was raised by close-minded racist who said nothing commendable about Africa. All they did was to inform him about the Idi Amins, corrupt natures, bemoanful atrocities of Boko Harram, Al Shabbab and the painful issue of Ebola. They told him monstrous tales that had the possibility of even scaring Lucifer himself away. This built a concept into Abalansa’s head, the concept of seeing nothing positive from Africa. He never changed his perception about Africa until he went for a TED Talk. There he saw Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie speaking on the topic “The Danger Of A Single Story“. He was saddened by the less than 20 minute talk. After listening to the author of Americanah and Half of a Yellow Sun, he became aware of how he executed prejudice on an entire continent without rethinking to be well informed about the realities of the continent. With the shame that came after realising he used exceptions to generalise the outlook of Africa, Abalansa started an NGO to help deprived children all over Africa.

Another example can be derived from Germany’s mass genocidal action popularly termed, the Holocaust which occured in the 1940s. Approximately, 11 million people were murdered just because they were Jewish, Gypsies, Homosexuals, Physically/Mentally Disabled and Soviet POWs. How was this possible? What delivered such an act of terrorism? All of that came from Adolf Hitler‘s concept of a utopian form of purification. Hitler believed foreigners degraded the purity of his nation and with his gift of charisma was able to convince many into following him. It is for this reason that the holocaust cannot be attributed to only Hitler. State institutions in Germany played specific duties in ensuring the killings of non-Germans living in the country at the time.


The above tells us a lot on how concepts can change one’s whole outlook. It educates us on how one’s concept can draw wrong conclusions, mislead an entire nation into supporting something wrong, and how misconceptions are created. Speaking of Abalansa’s issue, a misconception about Africa initially produced prejudice to Africa. Later on, another concept changed him and was the source of an NGO.

To have a misconception basically means to miss the actual concept. Oxford will put it this way, a mistaken belief, a wrong idea. How do we have misconceptions? We have them when the source of our concepts are wrong.

What Are Our Source For Conceptions?
We now know that our concepts or ideas will automatically determine how we percieve situations, our conclusions, what we can achieve, whether or not we will make it or not. Where then is your source of information? The Christian will seek all info from the Bible just as the Muslim will find refuge from the Qu’ran. Traditional worshippers will learn from advices, proverbs and sayings transfered from generation to generation through the experienced in society. No matter what your ideas are, make sure they are logically right because at the end of the day, the ability to think through situations is what makes us human. And being human is what makes us common. Be very careful on the source of your information, for it is what builds your personality. Remember to always think before executing any act. There is a powerful entity in your head which will be manifested later on as a concept, don’t ignore it when it arrives. Think till you can’t.

A post in line with The Leadership Empire of Africa (TLEAfrica)


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