Getting tired of LOL!

Clichés, each and everyday a word joins its dictionary. People misuse words so well that the meaning of the word looses its meaning projectively. Internet jargons are the worst of all. What happened to the joy of conversations? What happened to the sharing and opening up aspect of conversations? Ladies piss me off the most on this one. You are chatting with her and all her responses are like ‘K‘, “Lol“, “Ayt“, and etc.


WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are no longer fun, they are a boring session because of these words. I know I’m definitely not the only one. Guys, are surely the ones standing at the painful side. You compliment a lady and even saying “Thank You” becomes a problem just because of the existence of “Lol“. You ask her question, how long will you stay awake? Her reply is this short, “TDB“. Thats where the problem is, sometimes they go farther and more brutish by using this, “idk“, leaving you looking like the guy who is mentally deprived in their world of jargonic proclammations. Wait, I thought a jargon was supposed to be a word or language of familiarity between those chatting. Why then should you forcefully use words the other party will have to ask to understand? Communications are never complete when the message sent by the sender cannot be deciphered by the receiver. Its more or less like a sane man in the world of madness talking to his mad self.

On their defense, some ladies say, they sometimes use those fake words to kill conversations. There is actually no problem with killing conversations. Why do you have to forcefully kill a message? What happened to your freedom? I thought we were living in a free world of free people with their own cell phones registered with their own digits and for that, have the freedom as to who should have their magic digits or not. The issue is, why have a friend you hate to chat with on your contact list? Blocking the person or even ignoring is way better than texting those short semi-syllables.

Laziness! The world is full of it that, using the fingers to type the word “Please” seems tirelessly impossible. People will rather go in for “Plz“. This whole thing is pissing me off. I am writing in anger because a lady just did that to me. Lets say, I looked like David Letterman interviewing President Mahama and all answers to my questions came in “lol” replies. You see how absurd and politically incorrect that can be. Short-cut words came to make conversations easier, better and more creative, not to kill them. This is where the negative sides of technology emerge. Letter writing. Back in high school, we were asked by our English teacher to write an essay. Fortunately for the world of Social Media, and unfortunately for the world of formal educations, my classmate mistakenly spelt “that” as “dat” and “the” as “é“. You can imagine the other short forms he used for words as big as “Comprehension“, if a word as short as the grammatical articles “the and that” was reduced in spacing. Crucial pain and reality was that, he thought he was doing the right thing only to find out what he was used to texting was an enemy to school.

I hate technology for this. I miss the days of Letter Writing. Electronic mails are killing our sanity as far as the Spelling Bs are concerned. Short words can be intimidating. In fact, I hate the greatest of all, “LOL“. Humanity should ignore them. We need to recover the fruitful past of literature we’ve lost. Discovery is not always a good discovery. Bring back quality to restore humanity. Getting guys like me who have zero tolerance for jargonic tolerance angry everyday is a threat to humanity based on this; An angry man does not think properly before ensuring violence. Instead of saying ‘GB‘, lets go for our old “Goodbye or Bye Bye“. Rather than ‘9yt‘, set in for “Goodnight“. There is simply no hurting in that. Your cells, tissues and properties will stay intact.

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