Africa has POTENTIAL, Truth is RELIGION & CULTURE Sometimes Stands Enemy


I have been a part of the AfricaRising course by the African Leadership University/Unleashed and thanks to that, I am undoubtedly sure that our continent has the potential to take the world by surprise. Our demography has a more youthful and energetic workforce whilst other continents are on the struggle to achieve that. I’m talking about predictions made by The Economist Magazine on the topic “the hopeful continent – Africa Rising” in 2011. I have not interrogated many from the West and the African himself to know their stance on whether or not Africa is showing progress. But I am perfectly assured that the vast majority have an assertion that Africa is not the best place to invest in because of the various signs of political instability, uneducated majority, easy pestilence outbreak, and most of all retrogression as the years pass by. This is certainly not their fault because those who have the power to portray the African picture to the world most at times, show a one sided story. The story of Ebola, that war in La Cote D’Ivore, how corrupt nations in the continent are, and the atrocities of Al-Shabab. Unfortunately, they ignore a powerful feature of the human race that ensures that one looks into the future. It is FORESIGHT. Something most African leaders themselves lack. Thus, Africa’s enormous potential to take the world by storm by 2050. According to the Standard Bank, the continent’s population is expected to be 2 billion by the year 2050. This demographic fact informs us of a young and energetic population to boost  the work force with their education and training as evidenced by the continent’s growth in technological familiarity. While other continents struggle to maintain arable land, about 60 per cent of the world’s uncultivated arable land is located in Africa. This was stated in the Mckinsey Global Institute report on the topic “Lions on the Move“. There is also no doubt the continent has more resources to tap. Urbanization in itself can never be left out as villages gradually transform into towns. Its that simple. Everyone grows, the variation in growth is only what makes the difference.

The IMT Institute of Advanced Studies on the factual relationship between Religion and Innovation

One might ask, What of Corruption? In order to answer this, we must first find out what breeds it. Poverty breeds it. That is a more reason why the world should invest in the continent because investments will reduce poverty and in the long run, corruption. Many are gradually realising the potential of the continent, this creates a brighter picture of alienating corruption. Africa is actually a part of the world, and the world fails when Africa fails. Fred Swaniker kept it this way in his TED talk, “By 2030, Africa will have a larger workforce than China, and by 2050, it will have the largest workforce in the world. One billion people will need jobs in Africa, so if we don’t grow our economies fast enough, we’re sitting on a ticking time bomb, not just for Africa, but for the entire world.


Lets take note though, that its never a MUST that Africa will make it by 2050. Recently, my closest friend as far as the quest to make Africa a much better place, wrote a post on Facebook that touched me beyond measure. Dennis Edem Degbor has interacted with people around the world and is assured of Africa’s positivity as far as the unknown future is called on. The inner core of Dennis has a zest, potential, drive, vigour, charisma, power and I love that. His spectacles is the best for everyone of our youthful age range, as well as the unborn. How I wish many could see as he sees, Africa would’ve transformed into a nation greater than Singapore, Dubai, Malasia, Germany, I mean name them. We would not need to wait for 2050 to come. But that’s definitely the problem, the problem of reality tells us not everyone believes in the African Dream we’ve seen. I think more people need to be educated to tune their minds to the pole we need for reformation. The potential has always been there, has been laid down, but the eyes to see that potential has also been refusing to be there. Certainly through the actions and inactions of subjective philosophies. Most of all, on the question of religion and primitive culture. Politicians have always used an exact word to win elections yet in reality this word is a mere word that finds itself difficult to walk the talk. The African majority hate this word, it is called CHANGE. They will negatively alienate you if you try persuading them to change something their parents kept in line for them to follow, no matter how deadly the situation could be. We have seen governments struggle to abolish various cultures that stood at abusing the rights of the very ones who perpetrated the culture. Albinos in Tanzania are still suffering, people presumed to be witches because of how ugly, old they look with a mental problem, are still suffering, innocent women who toiled with their until-recently-dead husbands are treated in cruelty as if the mere fact their spouse was dead is no painful. Female Genital Mutilation and Tribal marks have been reduced but that doesn’t totally suggest it is gone.


The masses are always waiting on God when the MAN has actually given us all we need to be transformative. Its the BRAIN. The white man is no different! When you cut into the black and white man, you see the same red blood, tissues, cells, systems and organs. The only difference is the outside. That’s simply why I sometimes give in to the assertions of some nations and products of atheistic ideologies. Because, they are simply not limited in the quest to find the pursuit and answers to questions they do not understand. Minutes ago, I watched Stephen Hawkings‘ biopic “The Theory of Everything” and was touched by something truthful he said that will definitely not touch many religiously subjective humans. When asked why he doesn’t believe in God?, he said “A Physicist can’t allow his calculations to be meddled by a belief in a supernatural creator.” As this may sound provocative to the majority, truth can be found from it with respect to the fact that, the vast majority are suffering from a disease I have always called the #FamaNyameSyndrome, translated into English as #GiveItAllToGod. Some problems are simply solvable yet ignored because of the benefits attached to praying. No wonder nations like China keep on growing and growing industrially. They simply don’t have any Father to count on like us, and instead of them going wayward in relation to their disbelief in belief, they seem to have the scarce forsight to even see the threat of problems in foresight before these problems even think of growing. Our Brains are powerful than we think, its a gift from God. Teleology strives at attaching purpose to everything and there is simply no doubt about the use of our neurological system. Something can be done and I’m afraid to say that Culture and Religion sometimes affects our route to development. We must be able to lay the boundaries properly, no one is saying ignore God, religion or culture. Rather, do your ultimate best of the best and let your God do the worst of worst that you have no power over.


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