Pissed With an NGO proposal!


Minutes ago, an acquaintance brought a proposal for me to join an upcoming organization geared towards fostering peace and national unity. The proposal came via WhatsApp. It started in a nice manner with questions. Questions like,

Do you go through pain and unrest when people are tearing themselves apart?

Do you feel sad when people are unduly influenced with sobolo, yoghurt, money etc to vote for a political aspirant?

Do you weep when people are in misunderstanding because of tribe, tongue. Etc?

Then join GUNA.

My heart was filled with joy because I finally found something to help with during this vacation. But was pissed later on, after realising the entry requirements. He told me that for me to join, I will have to pay GH¢100 and kept it this way “You can register by paying GHc 100.00 of which I am negotiating to GHc 50.00 or less for the youth. You shall be entitled to a National & International ID Card which appeals to any country to grant you aid, security, etc”.

The organization is simply called the Ghana United Nations Association (GUNA). Forgive me for getting angry with this. But I can give my reasons for being angry. GUNA is more or less like a Non-Profit Organization (NGO) geared towards ensuring peace and togetherness. [That is, according to my acquaintance.] I want to be insistent on the fact that it is a volunteering endeavour. The question is, What if I am passionate about perpetrating the whole ideology of GUNA, have the charisma to incite others to also champion this course yet fail with just a membership qualification feature of the upcoming organization. The financial feature of paying GH¢100. I’m I disqualified to preach peace with the organization just because I cannot offer 10 by 10 of our currency? I never thought money was a necessity in preaching peace. After all, how expensive is the cost of a seminar to the United Nations Organization (UN) if GUNA is actually its tentacle. Its wrong. Very wrong to prevent the many who are willing to do something charitable just because they themselves are in need of the aid of financial charity. I most sincerely know many people geared towards voluntary service yet will not even afford GH¢20 if the price is scaled down from 100 to 20. Forgive my sentiments.

Some may say the payment is a Commitment Token. It never guarantees that one will be committed. In fact, it could rather make things worse. Man is born with the potential to be bad or good but many go for Bad. Considering our present economic tribulations in Ghana, it is very difficult for the average student from the average family to voluntarily give out such an amount without having to pay negatively for the sacrifice offered. Aside that, the popular saying “nothing comes free” has the potential to be effective in a volunteer’s head. Its very simple. Just as the bad trait of the numerous humans explode so does the chances of corruption. If he pays, he can be motivated by that endeavor to ensure his money paid grows in his pocket. Here, the scenario takes that of a Bank and the initial deposit of GH¢100 grows into something bigger through interests achieved probably from corruption. I am not saying people shouldn’t join or follow the group. All I am speaking against is a problem. The entry point is questionable. Africa in itself suffers from this, only the rich are more likely to be beneficiaries of quality education. Scholarships used to help in entirety but even with that corruption has disrupted the system of selecting financially poor but intellectually good students. The Ghanaian says, “Its all about who knows you“.I don’t care about the benefits attached to me being a member of the organization. This is simply wrong! There are so many ways of ensuring peace and tranquility. You can teach. Many NGOs are in existent but not make such requirements. In fact, those NGOs are owned by private individuals yet work efficiently along its path. Unlike a branch of the UN. This is not just wrong but sad. Something must be done!

Disclaimer: Any information here was in relation to what my friend told me. In case this whole ideology is discordant to what GUNA stands for, I will not be held responsible for speaking my true mind with respect to something I felt and thought was wrong.

Achaab Daniel Abalansa
Facebook: Achaab_dan GH
Twitter: @AcHaaB_dAn
IG: achaab_dan_gh

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