Stabilizing People Positively: A Check To AFRICA’s Inevitable Growth in Urban Centres


The Northern part of Ghana has majority of the country’s uncultivated arable and not industrially used lands. In fact, housing takes  a pinch of the entire salt of land yet we see numerous people who have their roots in the North leave to cities south like Accra and Kumasi. They do this everyday with the aim of improving their living standards. Most ladies end up been porters locally called Kayayei in the Ga dialect. My project will almost competely kill this migration, slums and reduce the much unwanted pressures on urban facilities. I am definitely not going to invest in urban areas but rather focus on towns close to urban centres. That is, rather than focusing on Tamale, I will go to Salaga or ignore Bolgatanga for Wia-Faransa. Urbanization will happen, it is just the variations in its speed and effects that seems to be a problem, and this project in affordable housing particularly in the north will solve a problem that usually comes with urbanization. The popular issue of rural-urban migration. The project is a whole new package coupled with numerous designs in line with beautiful architecture for the buildings, networks joining suburban places to Cities through the construction of real timeless asphalt roads and green urbanization strategies. That is, not only will people living in poorly deprived areas with the great potential of leaving get a basic necessity (Shelter) at affordability, but the beauty of the place will timelessly motivate them to stay. Tourists travel to Paris, Dubai and Singapore just to feel the beauty of those cities. European tourists come to Africa to feel what they do not have in their setting, the Safari. Africa has to maximize this benefit just as Europe maximizes the utilization of our crude resources  and my project dubbed Stabilizing People Positively will build houses to also contain tourists who decide to visit sites like the Paga crocodile pond, Mole national park and the Buabeng-fiema monkey sanctuary. I am definitely not the Gates of Africa now, to make this project feasible alone even within a decade and that is why it is an all-inclusive ideology. Just as Fred Swaniker (founder of ALU )educated a group of real estate developers (Urban Land Institute), so will I do well to incite many Africans to champion this course. The government, private sector, Non-Governmental Organizations, youth groups and individuals will be the stakeholders and key financiers. We saw that the Morrocan check model towards urbanization’s slums was a success simply because its funding was internally driven. Once the people of Ghana have their investment in it, they will surely try their possible best to be custodians to the idea and its materialization. Stabilizing People Positively is a project and model that has the potential to create development not just for the Salaga and Wia-Faransa communities  but the regions in which these towns are found, the country, the African continent and the world at large since it will make small towns, centres for numerous activities that will foster a global economic growth through its cappillaries of networks.

Achaab Daniel Abalansa
Facebook: Achaab_dan GH
Twitter: @AcHaaB_dAn
IG: achaab_dan_gh

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