YOU Caused The FLOOD. Every Bit Of Rain Drop Was Created By YOU & Not GOD!!!

People are getting me furious. I am out of my mind. Those trying to entirely put the blame on leadership. Worst of all those pointing a finger at God. They put the blame on God by asking for forgiveness. I am talking on the aftermath reaction of ghanaians in line with the recent floods and inferno outbreak that took hundreds of lives unduely. Now, why ask for forgiveness?


Did He place Goil fuel station there?

Was He the one to build on waterway out of a selfish interest to escape the monetary value bestowed on habitable lands?

Was He the one to select incompetent leadership to gear the affairs of this nation?

Was He the one to offer cheap lands on waterways?

Was He the one to misappropriate funds especially 2012’s $795,000,000 to reconstruct Accra drains?

Was He the one to get angry at government somewhere last year for the exercise of mass demolitions of buildings at wrong points?


I quite remember this issue became political and opposition wanted to play the white angel.

I remember Naa Torshie, advocating against demolitions at some areas around Tema.

I remember people praying rather than building at areas free from marshy lands.

I remember people voting for candidates on the basis of their beauty, tribes and factions rather than the content of the candidate’s mind exemplified through works.

I remember people saying trash on airwaves just for the sake of the Democratic God. Just for the sake of owning an opinion!

I remember people ignore the interest of the nation for theirs.

I remember leadership doing less on checking disasters checkable but doing much at visiting victims of disasters and having press conferences to address such issues.

I remember people arguing for a point just because that was their initial point and backing off despite the reality of the truth becomes a problem out of the fear of shame and political opposition.

I remember tycoons focusing on building malls rather than embarking on other profitable projects like housing that could have welcomed families. In fact, what is the use of a Mall if the people are dead? Okay, I get it. The rich will hardly build on bad lands. So they don’t care about such lands.

I remember a young man refusing to pass through the normal procedure of land ownership just because he felt he was related to the king under which the land’s jurisdiction were to be found.

I remember Government through one or two of its branches demolish buildings on waterway without providing shelter for owners hence causing them to rebuild on that same path.

I remember a man in suit and tie who is supposedly percieved to be a literate throw water satchet out of his Range Rover into a gutter with an assertion of creating jobs for Janitors usually ZOOMLION workers and people who go around picking water satchets for money.

I remember someone doing bad in relation to land issues just because the output of bad was in his/her own interest.

I remember seeing parliament argue on nationalistic issues partisanly on not on the basis of the simple philosophy of Right and Wrong.

I remember seeing a weatherman of meteorology in the US predict it will rain at 6:12 pm and it did so at the exact time. That is not the case in Ghana. Even if we had the joy of having an authentic weather report, many will not check for updates  and will forfeit news for a telenovela probably La Gata“.

I remember sitting without care somewhere last year when floods occured because I wasn’t a victim. I could have created awareness in my own small way but I didn’t.

Most of all, I remember the entire citizenry not learning lessons from the day to day tribulations we faced as a country.

By now you might be pissed at the number of situations I am remembering. I end recollection here. Sadistically, all what I remember are acts still in session. People are still playing “I Dont Give A F**K” until it gets to their doorstep. Let us not just blame leadership. We played a role in a way or the other. Every year this problem comes. People die. And we complain in the same way. If and only if we do our little parts on preventing floods, this will be History. God is not guilty. If He is guilty for anything, it may be for the brains He gave us. He should have given that to the Chimps because we seem not use it. We should be ashamed of ourselves. We are way behind time.

Achaab Daniel Abalansa
Facebook: Achaab_dan GH
Twitter: @AcHaaB_dAn
IG: achaab_dan_gh

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