AFRICA, Which Generation Can Save It?

Who Can Save HER?
Who Can Save HER?

Africa is a rich continent in natural deposits of minerals but the degree of richness in its human resource has been questioned. The continent has more gold, timber, cocoa and various other materials of high monetary value as far as continents are concerned yet her development is not encouraging. Some believe we are near success, Fred Swaniker, founder of ALU is a part of the few that see Africa’s enormous potential in its younger generation. Others think the continent will be as bad as it is till eternity because the people in a way or the other cannot change to change their negative status quo. Judging from the way the older generation keep winning elections, it seems many Africans have their hopes built in the old, probably through the strong belief with “Experience being the best teacher”.  Others are clueless because they believe in luck. What do you think about Africa? Who can save the continent?

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