Hey! Never Cut Your Coat According to Your SIZE

To accurately want a change in Africa means to accrurately aim at knowing the realistic nature of things. After personally accepting the reality of the African status quo, I realised that not all clichès, proverbs and sayings are wholistically authentic with the test of time and specific situations. So another feature of my campaign is to realise clichès and its other counterparts with the nature of not entirely depicting truth. Then, the effort to kill or educate people on what these sayings actually stand for will be enforced.


So instead of supporting this “Cut Your Coat According To Your Size“, I say “Cut Your Coat According to Your Fabric“. I say so because, your size may not be constant. In Ghana for instance, one’s monetary wealth in most cases, determines the weight one puts on or loses. Unless, with the very rare cases of obesed women and men who want to get their sexy groove back in the system of erotic pleasures. Or the unwanted/wanted complexities that comes with climbing the Queen Elizabeth Hall (KNUST) staircase without the tiresome-free elevator. Or maybe, other jobs that burn calories with a wicked smile.

Now, if you cut your coat according to your size, what happens when you get bigger? I refuse to address what happens when one gets smaller because very few aim at abating in wealth and size, unless their heavy stature affects their sexy groove. So, instead of cutting the coat according to your size, cut it according to as much fabric you can take. An element of saving is related in here. You may never get bigger, but the extra fabric may serve another purpose. It might not reduce you to a coat but rather, add a scottish skirt or trouser and if some still remains, an apron, tie or scarf may be given as a bonus.

Don’t accept theories because the previous generations and virtually everyone accepted them. Accept theories based on understanding them as wholistically as possible. You might wonder “how come I never knew this?“. You definitely had the potential of knowing, the only thing that held you back was your closed mind coupled with accepting the route of the crowd. I’m not sorry to proclaim that that killed your ability to think well. Common sense is not always common. If it were to be common, the term “common sense” will be lifeless, it will never roll from the lips of any human. Question everything with the genuine zest to get feedback and an understanding to what you questioned. Do not be a Cynic! Africa is Rising, take note though, that killing unnecessary clichés, sayings and proverbs might add strenght to her speedometer.

This is product from Dan the Skeptic.

Achaab Daniel Abalansa
Facebook: Achaab_dan GH
Twitter: @AcHaaB_dAn
IG: achaab_dan_gh
Email: achaabdan@gmail.com

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