I found this along the sociological path in knowing and understanding traditions in Africa most especially, Ghana. What I found will be reflected in a quote at the end of this post. Was shocked. No wonder I say, modification is needed. How can you solve domestic violence without feminism? How can you save a woman beaten when tradition allows that? How can you save her when she sees nothing wrong with her captivity? Education and Gender Equality are the only ways to ending domestic violence, not the institution of the Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU). In most cases, a woman who reports her husband for suffering domestic violence whether or not he did it has already signed herself a certificate of divorce. She might not like the idea of a divorce because of her children or the fear of starting all over. Someone close to me received great resentment from her husband’s side after reporting a consistent pain of belt beatings. And that is definitely the case in many families. That which means only a few will have the audacity and impetus to issue a report.


Unfortunately, people use religious scripture to support the abuse of women and children. They usually go like this, “The Bible says women should submit to their husbands“. But it never ends there. Jesus Christ adds something, in Ephesians 5:22-33 he tells husbands to love their wives as he loved the church. That means both have a role to play and I doubt Jesus mistreating the church unless the all pure shit is nothing to talk about. The comment is not one sided. Choice in itself has been highly acclaimed as a factor in Christianity. With this, many Christians signal the uniqueness of their religion among the lot. So scripture should not give you enough strength to mistreat your wife. In fact, when you really love someone, the mere idea of mistreating that person should be difficult. Unless, you are unfortunate to be a victim of an arranged/ forced marriage (usually the case in many parts of traditional Africa) or probably marrying someone for the wrong reasons. Thus, reasons outside ♥LOVE♥.

And to the women, please educate yourselves. Real education should make you a feminist. Real education will make you aware of how you can also help on the Frontline. We all have the right to work hard, to enjoy the fruits of our Hardwork. With education, you will get to know history, histories on how great women led revolutions, the Harriet Tubmans and Yaa Asantewaas. The only reason these women led men into a legitimate war for freedom was accounted by their Courage. The courage to defy the stupidity of the status quo. We have many men as freedom fighters not because women cannot master the spear of their emancipation, but rather due to the environment of accepting “women being at the restrictive background“. To the zeitgeist of anti-feminism, this is what Feminism stands for. It is not all about according special rights to women. Feminism’s aim is to create a normal environment of growth for all genders including those who find difficulty in finding their gender. Thus to include the transgendered. This is not a wrong idea. Respect should be earned. Reciprocity comes with respect. We need everyone. We need men just as we need women for an equilibrium of problems solved.

Wife-beating is quite a common form of penalizing women in many Ghanaian societies and may be applied in the face of her adultery, failure to cook for the husband on time and anything he considers to merit such a treatment. But it is expected of a reasonable man to exercise moderation in beating his wife so as not to hurt her. Women too have been known to beat their husbands, but this is rare.” – G. K. Nukunya (From Tradition and Change in Ghana)

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Achaab Daniel Abalansa
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