WORD From The Latest Convert (From Atheism to Christianity)

God is real, that’s the truth but just believing is not as easy as one might think.


Not all atheists have a psychological problem, hate God or are on the verge of seeking an attention through gimmicks in a world that has a spotlight for that. Questions, the life of some christians themselves, the problem of understanding, the view of the world, contradictions with science etc can be reason why one might select an atheistic worldview.

For me, all these came as a result of objectively searching for truth. Glory goes to God though for giving me the opportunity to meet Archie Eastwood-Anaba. I had to experience God for myself before doing away with the atheistic world view.

We most at times disagree because we see things from a different perspective, we only seem to agree when we come from the same eye. That’s how difficult the problem with atheism is.

If there is something that I’ve learnt so far, it’ll be that “foolishness can even be justified“. On the cause- effect relationship of creations, it might be daunting for someone who does not believe in the existence of something beyond the natural. Such people may say “If you say God created the universe because everything has an initial causer, then who created God.” This eventually makes things more complicated.

As at now I’m convinced that there is Jehovah, the author of the universe but how do I convince my friends who still live under the confines of atheism? It is difficult because I was willing to let go temporarily and saw God within the shortest time. That’s not the same for them. They will not just believe in the power of say, Charlie Chaplin just because I said I experienced him or probably saw him in a dream. You cannot also use the Bible or any other Holy Book as a reference in a conversation with an atheist because he or she does not simply believe its content is the best of manuals for human life.


We need much more of prayers for such people because our limited intellect and varying differences might not allow us to understand and give them more plausible arguments for Theism. Having an open mind despite our origin will add value to understanding why people do what they do. You simply cannot fathom if you don’t understand where one comes from.

To all the atheists who are atheists because of the assertion that Science contradicts the Bible, I suggest to you this book. ‘The Language of God by Francis S. Collins‘. You can read this if you truly have the zest to find truth. In this book, the author explains God from his scientific experience and perspective. You might be able to relate to its content just as I was able to.

To the believers, read the Word and inculcate a welcoming spirit for the Holy Spirit to teach you. Pray and never judge a single situation from only your perspective, especially when it comes to people on the other side. You might make an unbeliever’s heart more stubborn if you do so.

God Is Not Dead.

Achaab Daniel Abalansa
Facebook: Achaab_dan GH
Twitter: @AcHaaB_dAn
IG: achaab_dan_gh
Email: achaabdan@gmail.com

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