Kelsey Reynolds ACCOUNT Suspended After RACIST Comments


Paris, Beirut and Kenya were all victims of recent terrorist activity tagged to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) that killed and injured hundreds of people at the same time and day. In line with that, France enjoyed the activities that show up with pity. The usual way was to use the France Filter as Facebook profile pictures. Many celebrities participated in this effort to #PrayForPARIS through the superficial use of pictures that had been edited to suit the times.Famous buildings did same.

Some Africans of which I am not a part, however engaged in the trendy force of profile picture transmogrification for the benefit of Paris, ignoring the level of hypocrisy, favoritism and discrimination that brought since an African state itself suffered the same attack and wasn’t given the same attention on social media. As if the attacks on favoritism and hypocrisy to africans who followed the trend wasn’t enough, a young lady from France posted on her twitter account.


Some of u dumb Africans think that……. changing your profile pictures to that of the flag of France will give u a free Visa to enter my Country, you lie !!” – @KelseyReynolds

To aggravate the situation, another anti-african smuggish paleolithic and ignoramus being supposedly portrayed as a human because of the luck of the oversimplistic nature of our cosmos added,

You are so right girl..we don’t need any more blackies here.” – Bay.


So many Africans themselves in fury posted tweets to outline how mistaken the both of them were, how they were more skewed to ignorance than that of wisdom. They tried and tried until there was a realisation that the account no longer existed.Β  Kelsey Reynolds is no longer in there, but is definitely a trend been insulted for the stupidity that springs up from racism. Racism is still there.Β  A new account with the the handle @KelseyReynold (thus the old without an ‘s’) has been created. This new account seems to be owned by the same old person. It is poised at responding to the numerous insults usually with a “blocked” tweet. Things are heated than before. The world has more to do. There is more to do with racism.



Achaab Daniel Abalansa
Facebook: Achaab_dan GH
Twitter: @AcHaaB_dAn
IG: achaab_dan_gh

3 thoughts on “Kelsey Reynolds ACCOUNT Suspended After RACIST Comments

  1. Some things should never be seen in natural light or be let out during the day. This would be one is those things. I’m still trying to figure out where the ass ends and the back fat begins. This thing got turned down globally. Haha it is too laugh.


  2. On behalf of all fat and proud white girls we decided at our annual conference held in Hershey, PA to decline your application for membership.

    Our reason being that while white men can offer truly spectacular dick, to leave out other races is like only eating a meatloaf sandwich every night for the rest of your life, instead of switching it up and enjoying a ribeye, or pizza, or getting kooky and having breakfast for dinner.

    We instead encourage you to join a little organization called Weight Watchers. But be warned, the wealthiest black woman on the planet now owns it.


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