Bishop Daniel Obinim Gives A Lecture On DREAMS


On 16th December, 2015, along the time of late noon, DW-TV fortunately decided to go on a commercial break, thus cutting short the insights I was accruing from their news transmission. Afterwards, I also decided to take a tour on multi tv networks never visited before. That was when I came across OB Tv. Bishop Daniel Obinim, the founder of the International Gods Way Church was having a sermon on dreams. He asserted that everything physical came spiritually in a dream first, before happening in the real life. The man known to have a public feud with radio and tv personality, Afia Schwarzeneggar continued by giving various interpretations to dreams. These interpretations were as usually, so unusual. Statements from the pastor came in this form;

If you have a dream that another lady is driving your husband’s car, you’ve got to be very careful. It means that the lady is driving and controlling him. If you also dream that your maid is wearing your husband’s attire you’ve got to work on that. It means that she can take your man everywhere, a hotel  for sure, because your husband wears that attire to every place.


After realising the education and divine truth that Obinim’s intellectual congregation were enjoying, I turned on my phone’s recorder. I did so to ensure that the gold plated wisdom preached under the ignorance of psychology’s relationship to dreams will always be there to re-educate each and everytime I wanted it to. To those of you who missed, I’m sorry to tell you that you may never come across such a bulk of knowledge on the unknown. However, its never too late to also benefit from the divine revelations on dreams coming from the premier dream interpreter. Below is a translation on excerpts from the sermon;

Dreams are parables. God reveals to you every evil thing that will come into your life before it comes to pass. Before you will be called into the House of God to be given a prophecy, you should be aware. You must have had a dream about it before you were called. Which of those who usually come to confirm my prophecy have denied having dreams? Who is it that I have given a prophecy, who never confirmed that they had a dream concerning the prophecy? All that I want to tell you today is this; If you’ve heard that somebody is planning evil against your life, if you have heard that I, Obinim is angry at you, and you have not had a dream concerning that, that means that the rumors are not true.

God makes you aware of everything before it happens. You can try this. Somebody can threaten to kill you in plain sight, or there can be a notice board right at your doorstep with an inscription from armed robbers threatening to steal the next day. If you think through and remember your dreams and realize that you’ve had no dream within which you died or were attacked by robbers, it simply means that all the thoughts to kill or attack has passed away and shall not come to pass.

If someone has a plot against you and its really going to happen, the Lord will reveal that to you in a dream. But if that plot is not true, and the person threatened you out of resentment for offending him/her, and you had a dream about that, it won’t happen. It is true, the person threatened you, but once the person did that out of pain, it means that shall not come to pass.


One of my sons told me something yesterday. He said “Daddy, I’ve heard that you are highly angry at me.” And then I told him that he heard that before the rumor. And he said, “Daddy, I did not hear anything.” And I said, “I’m talking about the spiritual and you are talking about the flesh.” I added, “You already had a dream that I was angry at you before others told you”. That was when he realized that he had about 3 dreams within which I was angry at him. And then I said, “Go, I have forgiven you”.

That same evening, another son came to me saying, “Daddy, I heard you are angry at me”. I then asked, “Have you dreamt about that? Have you dreamt that I am angry against you?” He said, “No, I don’t remember having any such dream”. I told him “then that means you did something that pissed me off earlier, but that anger is no more. So all the evil thoughts I had to attack you is now gone. That is why God did not reveal anything to you. If it is in my mind that I will do something against you, or fire you, God will reveal that to you for you to know what to do.

So take note of every dream you’ve had. When you dream that your wife is having sex with someone else, tell her that that is what you’ve seen about her for her to be careful. There is something ahead, tell her. When you dream about your husband having sex with someone, tell him. Don’t wait for that to happen before you say that you even had a dream about that. When you dream of something bad about someone, tell the person for him/her to know what to do before that thing happens.

Before a good thing comes into your life, God reveals that in a dream. So, if you dream that I, Obinim gave you a car or anything, get ready, its on it’s way. Remember all your dreams. God talks to people through dreams almost 90 per cent of the time. A lady had a dream that she had a penis instead of a vagina. And she doesn’t even know that she has been made a man. If you never pray, you will never get married. Even if you get married, it won’t last. Any relationship you attach yourself to will be broken. Pay attention to your dreams.


You are making God tired. Its too much. God speaks, but you don’t listen. You are not smart at all. Dreams have 3 prophecies; what will happen, what is happening and what has happened. The moment you are made aware of something by a dream, be certain that that will surely come to pass. I am the type that will call you a liar when you say something about me that I have not seen in a dream.

When the Lord went into the garden of Eden, He said, “Adam and Eve, where are you?” They said, “when we heard your voice we hid ourselves”. And God said, “why are you running?” And they said, “we are naked, that’s why”. And God said, “who told you that you are naked?” They said, “we know because our eyes are now open”. So you should know yourself when you are naked. Pay attention to your dreams. God is getting tired. When we see things we don’t act till evil befalls us. I am a messenger and have come to deliver my message. I won’t talk again.

Achaab Daniel Abalansa
Facebook: Achaab_dan GH
Twitter: @AcHaaB_dAn
IG: achaab_dan_gh

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