How POLITRICKs May Discriminate Against Certain Jobs

I decided to go through my Facebook newsfeed today and came across this. A picture of a cart pusher in NDC t-shirt, with a photoshopped editing on the other side of Nigerian comedian, Mr. Ibu teasingly informing this tired porter of how wrong he was to vote for the NDC instead of the NPP. Who knows? What if the very economic situation led a man who could not afford a t-shirt to forcefully wear an attire discordant to his true values? That’s one of the problems attached to labelling. Its very simple. One in a Real Madrid jersey does not necessarily guarentee one’s commitment to the spanish football club.


I don’t think this is comedy. It is one of the many forms of discrimination purported under mediocrity. That is how politics covers a whole lot. And it has finally allowed many to look down upon certain jobs. Are they trying to suggest that truck pushing and porter services were invented only 7 years ago? Does that also suggest that all truck pushers were anti-npp? The New Patriotic Party or National Democratic Congress may not be behind this picture, but I just need people to notice how politics may allow people’s misbehavior; an action that might belittle some over others in a society that’s supposed to bring unity in diversity, in a society that has a constitution passionately stating that “all people are equal“. Come on! We need them. This form of discrimination goes as far to attack carpenters, masons, cobblers etc. No! You need their services, that is why such jobs exist. That’s true, life is not all good, but to use an occupation to advertise a political reason cannot be the best of initiatives.

Achaab Daniel Abalansa
Facebook: Achaab_dan GH
Twitter: @AcHaaB_dAn
IG: achaab_dan_gh

One thought on “How POLITRICKs May Discriminate Against Certain Jobs

  1. wow… That’s one of society’s problems we often overlook…
    Keep up the good work Bro…


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