The EYES Of VIOLA DAVIS (specifically, that of Annalise Keating)


Please don’t tell me I’m the only one in love with this look. Viola Davis has all the power in her eyes. Those eyes could have ended the holocaust, crusades, both global wars, name them, even before they started. It would have insurmountably administered propofol to Hitler, Ayatollah Khomeini, Genghis Khan, and all other perpetrators of evil in the history of man by just a single dose of an instant focus from eye to eye. ♥Love love love!♥ I’m in love with her. How To Get Away With Murder just got better because of those eyes. Forget about the rule of law, the deceptive side of law, the discrepancies of law, the hiddenness and superficially outward trait of law, how she ends a case with her genuine intellect regardless of the limitations created by color and just take the time to focus on those eyes. I mean look at those eyes.


Eyes of prelect within the frontiers of Middleton University’s law school. Eyes covered with the greatest of seriousness. Eyes to unriddle the most complex facets of a case. An eye of judgement even before one thinks of committing a crime. An eye of scorn and warning at the same time. An eye that calls on all to be carefully vigilant. Eyes that will shrink benevolence out of a judge in the court of law for her favor in defense and against her opponent from prosecution. If all eyes were perfect in shape, nature like her’s, there’ll be absolutely no need for the invention of sun glasses, no matter how threatful or harmful sun radiations were exposed to planet Earth. After all, neccessity is the mother of invention.


Captivating eyes, beautiful eyes, fierce eyes, territorial eyes, sexy eyes, coercible eyes, lightsome eyes, feastful eyes, seductive eyes, boundary eyes, vindicatory eyes, begrudging eyes, unpredictable eyes, bewitching eyes, a tantalizing one of course. I mean name all the possible adjectives that can be employed perfectly to attribute the varying reflections of her oculus dexter and sinister. I’m done. No, I ain’t done. Her eyes have a lot to share. I am living a dream having her as a wife in my dreams. Viola, your eyes have been an inspiration and motivation. Please keep them. Protect them from the shades, for they are amazing just as they are. No delusion, illusion or allusion. This is for real. I love those eyes. I really love them. And as for her body, I will prevent myself from walking along that lane. We may end up dealing with the size of Dictionary pages if I try describing. You are loved Viola. Not just for your talent in the acting world, but for your eyes, beauty and body. Keep it intact. The love is deep.


Achaab Daniel ABALANSA
Twitter: @AcHaaB_dAn
IG: achaab_dan_gh

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