If Given the Opportunity to Question Any SRC Presidential Candidate, This Is How I’ll GO [KNUST Edition]


1. You should know by now that there are many others aside you who have something to bring on board as far as the Student Representative Council is concerned. What makes you different? What is spectacular about you? Is it your money, beauty, swagg, influence or whatever? What’s actually your X factor as Lauryn Hill calls it?

2. I have met some of your high school mates and they seem to have a certain level of distaste for you. Every leader along the line has haters springing from non-conformists to their ways but this is needed because its an issue that might tie you down. Some even show greater support for other candidates other than you. Why do you think they chose him over you? And how do you convince me and the many others with different alma maters of genuine leadership when those who witnessed your actions despise you?

3. We have heard some unrealistic stuff. How realistic are your policies?

4. Pride, are you a victim to that? Will you be so when you win? Will you be approachable? You being approachable now does not guarantee anything because its clear you need something from the people. But what if you win? Will things be the same?

5. Are you humble? Are you perfect?

6. We have been seeing some bad blood between the Unity and University hall for decades. They signed a peace treaty recently, be it as it may, that is not the first peace treaty signed by Conti and Katanga. Lets say, you are the SRC president, what effect will you add to the daunting task of ensuring the unity that the Unity and University Halls fail to share?

7. In solving a problem between the students and the staff, where is the line drawn? How far will you go to stand up for a mutual benefit of both sides in conflict?


8. KBN, we know the issues surrounding it. Hope you’ve made no promises to anyone yet? What do you have to say about promises metted out to gazillion students just because one wants power?

9. You are the face of the student body (that’s if you end up SRC prez), when you speak, it is directly connoted to the entire student body whether or not that lies in the interest of the students on campus in reality. That in itself is a problem of Democracy’s representative flag and it must be tackled. We are left with that now though. How can we be assured that you’d speak for the students no matter how much that contravenes your reasoning and self-interests?

10.  What is your conception of the most pressing needs of the student body? Explanations are needed because a scale of preference varies from person to person. How are we assured that at least the needs of the vast majority will be dealt with?

11. What is in there for you? Please do me the favor of honesty. Please don’t lie. You were not born just to help others. There is definitely something you want and that goes beyond a humanitarian effort. Tell me what that is? Let’s be real for now.

12. The truth you may ignore will be that, your opponents can be right to certain degrees. Are you going to practise cerebral hygiene in case you win this challenge? Are you going to leave them to rot in the hell of their failures even if they have something great to offer in the long run? If not, how are you going to incorporate the right odds to make things better for all regardless of the differences that may have arisen out of fruitless propaganda along the line of election campaigns and biz?

13. Every leader should be a good orator, it is not a plus but a necessity because of the varying reasons attached to negotiations and diplomacy. So your words and great speeches should not give you marks at all. How are you going to walk the talk?

14. The floor is yours now. You have been given 30 seconds to give out a message. Say something. Answer a question you think needs to be answered.

Achaab Daniel ABALANSA
Twitter: @AcHaaB_dAn
IG: achaab_dan_gh
Email: achaabdan@gmail.com

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