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We now live in a world where beauty can be purchased. Some have gone to the extent of surgery (spending millions of cedis) to modify who they were, into a model they dreamt to be. This brings us to the point, “beauty matters“. It has always been about the celebrities. Attention, photography, publicity, paparazzi, controversy, fashion, money and fun. All these have been attributed to them. Today, we decided to look at Ghanaian celebrities from a different perspective; that of beauty. Virtually, everyone has a distinctive form of physical beauty, but the list to be presented deals with those whose beauty could not have affected their success in showbiz.

Below is a countdown from Beautiful to Most Beautiful.

21. Bisa K’Dei

His crossed eyes, locally denoted as “a-luk-me-london or alugumi” did not chain him into a life geared towards only the talent of wearing shades to cover the natural. Bisa was one of the very first artists to add more value to Kumawood movies. His unique voice in “Azonto Ghost” and his highly single sexed emotional tune “Brotherhood” gave him a good start in Showbiz. “Odo Carpenter”, “Metanfo“, “Mansa” and “Brother” are undoubtedly great hits from the heavily talented Hip and High-Life artist who was rumored to be tied to Becca. His BREAKTHROUGH album has African originality. 2015 has been good for Bisa K’Dei and he has a greater chance of sweeping more than an award in the forthcoming Ghana Music Awards. More vhim, K’ Dei.

bisa kdei.jpg

20. Edem

Who revolutionized Ghanaian rap to inculcate voltarian music? It’s one person, Edem. Once called Ayigbe Edem because of his unchallenging arrangement of lyrics, punchlines and rhythms in the ewe dialect, he has risen to be much more than an artist tagged to only voltarian music. “Over” was written in pidgin english, “Ghetto Arise” in a reggae genre, and the many other tunes like the likes of “Latex ft. Kaaki” and “Girlfriend ft. Raquel” goes beyond a localized ewe song. Edem’s appearance could not have won him something in the music industry, his talent got him there. 3gyaabga Edem.


19. Afia Schwarzeneggar

Sharp tongues are not ignored on tv. It is actually entertaining to many to witness blatant attacks on other celebs. In fact, it gets better when it becomes a lady who publicly passes comments like “Your wife’s P**sy is like that of a manhole“. Mention “Controversy in Gh” and Afia Schwarzeneggar definitely pops up. Hon. Kennedy Agyapong, Bishop Obofo Obinim, Ayittey Powerless and Bukom Banku will detest her beauty but she has done it. At least, people always discuss her because of her lack of couth. With the size of her mouth, looks may not be deceptive to tell a complete stranger that the funny yet intimidative woman talks a lot. Blessed are those who are not beautiful, for they shall be attacked by snakes in the spiritual world of Obinimoo. Afia, I beg. Take am easy, your moff fi kill.

afia schwarzenegger

18. Stonebwoy

BET Award winner for best International Act 2015? Many were shocked beyond measure, but he took it anyway. The guy’s talent by no doubt allows him to “Go Higher” like a “Submarine” that defies its laws of physics to be supressed under water. Stonebwoy’s voice, his dancehall style gets us off our lazy asses. The Bhim Nation movement without violence still thrives as his vibrant energy on stage is not restricted by the flaws of one’s legs. Good job, stonebwoy! The people need more and more dudes like yourself to make entertainment better than it is. Bhim!


17. Azizaa

Azizaa may not be known by many. But she gave Ghana a huge blow after acting like an Oxford musician based in Ghana with her explicit music video “BLACK MAGIC WOMAN“. The song questioned and mocked religion, that which may not be greatly accepted by a country filled with a majority of highly conservatively religious people. She is blatant, she says it as it is, and in that very same way, one is definitely not wrong to call her “the queen of the beasts“. Physical beauty may be that far from her. However, Ghana needs more people like Azizaa. Thus, people to question stuff for the sake of reason.


16. AK Songstress

She calls herself the “dancehall queen” and that automatically draws opposition from the others in dancehall biz. Kaaki and MzVee should be skeptics to that self title proclaimed by AK Songstress. But she’s good anyway. At least, the dancehall singer has the energy needed for that very purpose. The conventional notion of women is vulnerability, but her face seems to be less proximate to the vulnerability and innocence of a woman. AK Songstress you sweet pass alewa!

Ak songstress

15. Ellen Korkor Asante

Ellen was the 3rd replacement for the original Afia Schwarzeneggar tv series main character. The body is perfect. The poor english is perfect. She is funny. But could her beauty be responsible for her outrageously funny acts on the screens of Vaisat 1 television? Absolutely not. Ellen, we go take you go Prempeh College make you mow dem bl3 wai!

ellen korkor asante

14. Yaw Adu (Sunsum)

His name tells it all. Those eyes look spiritual. Eyes as large as that of an Ostrich’s egg. It’s that bad that the only role he gets to play in Kumawood scenes are aligned to the ugliest manifestations of the devil. Sunsum as he is popularly known’s beauty could not have taken him anywhere, His eyes may have given him the peak, though. Sunsum, I love your sexy eyes. We need more people like you to shaken and rule the Ghanaian world of Horror movies. I think Sunsum should play Kumawood Dracula one of these days. What do you think?


13. Ayittey Powers

I prefer to call him Ayittey Powerless. Ayittey together with his friend, Bukom Banku were able to shift the attention from Soccer to Boxing for some time and for that, the Boxing community should always owe an allegiance to people like them. Be it as it may, Ayittey Powerless has consistently gone contrary to his name “Powers” as long as Banku stays in the Ring with him. His hair is exclusively identifiable from every spot and he calls it “efee bo tan shi ookw3” which translates to “it looks ugly to you, yet you pay strict attention to it“. At least, Ayittey was right on this one. No more lies like that of stopping Banku on the 6th round. That’s definitely the point, Ayittey’s hair may not be attractive to ghanaians but according to him, gives him a lot of fans in Australia. Ayittey Powers, ofaan3 maye robb!

ayittey powers

12. Deloris Frimpong-Manso

Delay as she is called in social circles may have delayed when God (the supposed manufacturer found in creationism) called on her to come for the elixir of Unquestionable ugliness. Raw speaking is found in her and that begs the question, why are so many beautiful ones so blatant? But that may be good for showbiz. She tries as much as possible to squeeze the truth out of her interviewees on the Delay Show. Delay actually did many a favor. Thanks to her, thousands where given more than necessary details about the Gospel Porn rapper, Wanlov Da Kubolor. Let me chip in some advertisement for her. Delay Mackerel, 3y3 d3 papa!


11. Kwadwo Nkansah Lil Win

He is definitely part of the circle of the funniest of Ghanaian actors, at least. He gave hope to Kumawood’s future when the likes of Agya Koo failed for one or two reasons. Comedy gets better when he tries speaking the White man’s language, it gets funnier when he gets on the dancing stage. His movies and joking insults are indescribably outrageous. And this lesson tapped from his living example cannot be ignored, that hard and smart-work can take you from the low to high. Lilwin, kumawood dey thank you waa.


10. Macho Rapper

Some have gone to the gym to add more beauty value to themselves for so many reasons. One been to attract the ladies. Too much of a good thing, won’t be good anymore as said by English star, Sam Smith. Macho Rapper is living prove to exactly that. He can be scary alright, but he has at least featured in the pidgin musical short film by the FOKN Bois (Wanlov & M3nsa), Coz Ov Moni 2 – The Revenge. His rap? We’ll leave that for the Rap critics to measure. Aborde3, never fall off the boat again!

macho rapper

9. Wiyaala

I need a man to rock my body. If he is ugly I don’t mind.” Who could this quote come from? Who will advocate for the ugly? Lets end it there. But Wiyaala’s voice, as rarely beautiful like a lost gem in the chest of musicals. Wiyaala is an African warrior. She tells our story in its most natural form with her work of art. Ghana should be proud of her. And I am ever ready to be a priest just to bless a union between Shatta Wale and her. Kudos Wiyaala!


8. Sulley Muntari

I’m scared to write on this. But I will. At least I have some anointing oil from Obofo Obinimoo to trans into a Gaboon Viber in case I face the wrath of a strong man’s anger. Sulley’s energy in the field cannot be disproved. His shots, faster than the speed of a jet. Under the spotlight (AC Milan) of the Italian league, he has made Ghana more than proud. Past standards of the Black Stars can be attributed to strong men like Sulley. And his wife, her beauty beyond comprehension. Muntari, thanks so much for being an inspiration to many other upcoming players and specifically to my no-nonsense trait.

sulley muntari

7. Tornado

Gay or not, he is a unique actor. Highly confident and the controversy circulating the Afia Schwarzeneggar showwould have been less if the likes and hates of him were not around. What is weird about him the most? Is it his hair? The sharp mouth or his piercings? Tornado, I know gazillion orphans who are grievously in need of earrings, please borrow some of those to me to be given to them.


6. Afriyie Acquah

Footballing gives us countless examples. It is even not fair to just select a few players for this. Football is actually a game that focuses much on work and talent rather than beauty. And the players get to have fun with some of the hottest women no matter how bad or worse they look. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, one of Ghana’s skillful players, Afriyie Acquah.

afriyie acquah

5. King Ayisoba

Authentically African, dreadlocks, dilapidated dentition, hailing voice and localized guitar rhythms takes him to the peak. Ayisoba may not be a King in the whole of Gh but be assured of his royalty in frafra land and the UK. Unlike the others, his music style has no western influence, it is readily brewed from Africa’s plantations. “I Want To See You My Father” was a great hit. He paved the way for northern music to hit mainstream Ghanaian music markets. Thanks Ayisoba, your teeth may not be perfect but you are definitely worth the praise of being the unusual.

king ayisoba

4. Shatta Wale

The boss himself. Shatta Wale is actually a king when it comes being creative. Over 100 songs released in 2015 is worth royalty. “Kakai, Baby Chop Kiss, Holl It, Mahama Paper, Dancehall King, et al” I mean name them. Looks are deceptive. Shatta is the real deal. Think of someone who is loved by many regardless of how the media portrays him in negativity. Violent music improved when you got out of the shell of Bandana to be a Shatta.  And please don’t come like Kakai. We are done watching horror movies.

shatta wale

3. Praye Tintin

He is scary and so is his unique form of rapping. Where could he be now? Ever since Praye disbanded, he has not been seen in the spotlight of music. Could it be he was clinging as a parasite to Eugene (Praye Hor Ni Hor)‘s talent. It could be. Lets get straight to the point. Praye Tintin might be successful at scaring the devil himself away.

praye tintin

2. Kwaku Bonsam

Fetish Kings. He claims to hold the source of power used by many fake preachers of our era. His very existence and physical appearance begs the question, why can’t he create a skin free of blemish if he indeed has enough power. Kwaku Bonsam’s name tells it all. He is the devil himself born on a Wednesday. Kwaku Bonsam, I need a first class, will see you in chambers.

kwaku bonsam

1. Fatua Daudu

All hail Fatua Dauda. How can Messi score with him administrating the goal post? It’s simply impossible. You cannot focus. His face will cause your confusion. Mr. Dauda, Ghana hails you, AshGold may do so as well. Yes! We appreciate your work as a goalkeeper. Your smile? OMG, it’s worth a billion words of preciousness!

fatua dauda


Farewell Message from the winner:

fatua dauda message

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