No RELIGIOUS Person should have the Audacious Impetus To QUESTION Pastors like Serpent OBINIM


So Bishop Daniel Obinim has asserted on gazillion occasions ‘he saw Jesus Christ’. In fact, he added that Jesus transfigured into a Lion. Now, it goes closer to thought that went into painting “the Lion of Judah” and I bet Rastafarians can award some smiles to that. However, that wasn’t enough with him, I think. Obinim also said that he, under the power of his daddy [Jesus], can trans into a snake to attack enemies. That sounds like a great one too. Is it not fit to be called pro-oddity and rarity in our material world? It sure is. The preacher alluded to his own self-proclaimed fact of turning into a dog spiritually, and then the vast majority (religious people included, Christians for sure) started criticizing him. Some called him fake; the true definition of the new breed of false prophets in present times, and others saw him as a man who usually ate more than necessary before sleep, hence giving him a free ticket into FANTASY LAND. Its normal to be shocked about something like this when you don’t live in the fantasies of present day religions. Its normal to be shocked when you’re one that leaves fantasies behind, to where they belong; the movies, imaginations and novels. After all. many love Harry Potter, the Game of Thrones, Merlin, the Legend of the Seeker, Chronicles of Narnia without believing any of those magical details are real. But should it be so with religious persons? That’s where some doubt lurks in, and that’s exactly what inspired this post. And that’s where I begin to have a little bit of a problem. Maybe religious people against Obinim’s unique style have chosen Confirmation Bias even over scripture and the facets of their faith. Here is why:

What has been the Bible‘s form of evidence? It’s the hear-say type usually called eyewitness testimony. Personal revelations and experiences [that which are actually secondary testimony to us because we never actually experienced those incidents to inspire biblical accounts] were used to write all 66 books and probably the other scriptures (Apocrypha) taken off by men, men I’d like to call “the Editors of God’s supposed truth”. Contradictory accounts of hearsay [think of the variations in accounts on the genealogy and resurrection of Christ. The Resurrection for instance, has 5 different contradictory accounts which cannot be reconciled by Bible scholars] have been the strongest form of evidence used by the Holy Book; a group of men (Job, Paul, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Apostle John et al)’s own distinct supposed personal encounters with God and yet, many civilizations have lived by this for centuries. God’s response to Miriam and Aaron after they criticized Moses of getting married to Zipporah (an Ethiopian lady from Midian) can help us on this. He told Aaron and Miriam in Numbers 12:6-8;

Listen to my words: 6 When there is a prophet among you, I, the LORD, reveal myself to them in visions, I speak to them in dreams. But this is not true of my servant Moses; 7 he is faithful in all my house. With him I speak face to face, 8 clearly and not in riddles; he sees the form of the LORD. Why then were you not afraid to speak against my servant Moses?


Moreover, despite the personal experiences authors of the Bible were claimed to have had, we still find that, all Scripture (including those supporting the cruel acts of slavery, bigotry and affirmations of murdering unbelievers, gay people and etc) is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness,… [2 Timothy 3:16 ].

So why then do these Christians criticize Obinim? How are they assured of a fallacious interpretation of his own personal encounter with God, that which is the same as that of the authors of the Bible [which happens to be a book based on their personal experiences with God, details that came together to form standards used by Christians worldwide to live life in spite of the secular alternative of multi-faceted society? Its actually the same, the only difference is that Obinim does not live in the Bronze age. He is entitled to his personal revelation just as the others are.


The most common response to these questions will go like “You can identify them [False Prophets] by their fruit, that is, by the way they act. Can you pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles?“- Mathew 7:16. But I don’t think it’ll be fair to end there because there are other scriptures that equally have something to teach. At least, all verses in scripture are equally inspired by God. God’s thoughts are not like that of man and so are His ways (Isaiah 55:8), this simply means you cannot understand everything about Him and He might do something contrary to what you think is right. Lets say, giving out lottery numbers to a congregation, becoming invisible to steal money from the bank for the poor and many other things that might seem unreasonable to a personal human mind. But His ways are still His ways and there is absolutely nothing you can do about that. I think theists tell atheists that a lot. That atheists, agnostics cannot understand everything about God and that they [theists] walk by Faith regardless of the difficulty in understanding Him. So how can one question Obinim? After all, even in scripture, God has gone contrary to His own ways. Lets take the old and new testament into consideration. Incest was allowed in the time of Noah, but that seems to be an abomination later. So many laws and rituals governing the Israelis experienced evolution with time. I once saw a picture on social media with the question; “If you programmed a Robot to enforce all biblical laws, would you feel safe having it in your home?” Your honest answer alone should make you aware of how things have changed for modern day Christians. They usually call that Grace. It is said a lot.


The problem is, people like to think for God and that may be SIN, maybe even much worse than what they think Obinim has committed. All because God’s ways and thoughts are not like that of men. God’s ideas change with time, we can’t be surprised at a change in His ways at all. All we need to keep in mind is that, He is the same Yesterday, Today and Forever (Hebrews 13:8). Some stuff in scripture have not been linear. I have come to think that religious people who give special questioning/doubt to the works of Obinim and do not do same to their own pastors are the perpetrators of pro-scriptural cherry picking. And it’s so funny to me. The good thing about that in a debate is that, when you cherry pick scripture to favor your argument, all I’ll have to do is do that very same cherry picking as a rebuttal. And this is only possible because Biblical details have not been linear at all, contradictions per say.

PEOPLE who should champion Doubts on Preachers like OBINIM and the rest are as follows;

They are yet to really make decisions as far as worldview is concerned. But there still lies a problem of indoctrination where most parents do not actually teach their children How To Think, but rather What To Think.


2. Atheists
They do not subscribe to the existence of a Supernaturally Divine Being and by that very fact, do not believe in an in-existent force of divinity having any personal relationship with humanity. They perceive that as delusions from wishful thinking and hence, can question preachers like the Mamba Obinim.

3. Real Scientists & Skeptics
These people value universal evidence, they believe only when they see or detect. The hear-say effect is the last form of evidence they won’t even think of. So they cannot subscribe to someone’s private encounter with God.

4. Agnostics
If there is nothing to know about God even if He existed, then there is virtually no possibility of Him having a relationship with the human race.


Achaab Daniel ABALANSA
Twitter: @AcHaaB_dAn
IG: achaab_dan_gh

2 thoughts on “No RELIGIOUS Person should have the Audacious Impetus To QUESTION Pastors like Serpent OBINIM

  1. We do not know how the mind works even to a small degree.
    We know the vast magority of humans have very similiar experiences of the world but not all.
    A minority see visions that are real to them and hear voices.
    Some with dementia are afraid of what they see and hear.
    There is much scientific debate about reality and human consciousness largely unresolved.
    Quantum theory puzzles and fascinates the sharpest minds.
    Halucinogenic drugs have the power to affect our senses and in the past prolonged fasting was used to induce strange states of mind.
    Sam Harris and others have now stated that free will and self are illusions and they claim neuroscience has proved this.
    Julian Jaynes claimed that until about three thousand years ago we all had bicameral minds and slowly selfconsciousness took over.
    In his book ‘How the Mind Works ‘ Steven Pinker suggests that the mind was created by natural selection for survival and not as a tool to probe reality.


    1. And so that’s it. We may not know what hallucinogenic drugs or misplaced illusions and delusions came in line with the writers of the Bible as well. I personally love Free Will by Harris, all must read it. Thanks for the comment and thanks for being a thinker


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