CONTROVERSY devoid of an ATTENTION SEEKING Aim is What We Need


It’s simply difficult to understand controversial people with conventional thinking. Meanwhile, some people deliberately go contrary to what’s usual to gain attention, that happens a lot in entertainment circles. Where artistes deliberately start feuds on stupid grounds, where a celeb fakes stories like that of being in a debt of about $53m yet has a networth of about $100m+, where an African artiste has a baphomet goatee sign painting at his background at a turn up for a concert in NYC, where performers deliberately and willingly showcase genitalia to an audience that never paid for a strip show, stuff like these are as they are; nothing but gimmickry. They are meant to catch attention to boost commercial earnings and the yearnings for more and more popularity. “People like controversy because that’s what sells.” – Miley Cyrus. So we call that Attention Seeking Controversy. It happens all the time.


But there are others, others that usually tackle social issues. The ones that are called controversial because of their opinions, that which every single being is entitled to. They call me one though and that’s the prime inspiration at the background of this piece.

Controversial people are debateable, they seem not to have a point hence making it difficult for others to see them as normal beings. They don’t have an absolute framework to work on simply because there is actually nothing like that. These ones are unsettled. That’s why you’ll notice a controversial person on the side of party A, on a Rainy thursday and on the side of B on a Sunny Wednesday. The truth is, there are times when a stand could really be wrong. And other times when that same stand ends up right. And that’s why real controversial persons have no stand. They search for truth, not factions, that which makes accurate predictability and labelling an arduous task to embark on. They provide us with an unedited truth, not the one sugarcoated to please man-made ideologies predominating society. They are not restricted to a subjective truth because of their open-mindedness. And they really don’t give a sh*t as Carlin does because it helps. They are not chained. They are the most liberated in society. Normal people see and internalize but controversial people see and externalize. That’s the difference. So maybe the word “controversial” is another for one whom society sees outlying differences in. Maybe controversy is actually what we need to pinpoint the very things a normal society ignores. Maybe controversy is actually what we need to bloom different perspectives; that which could be of benefit to a society that’s taking a risk into a questionable initiative. Controversy is speaking out. And so, I’m proud to be called CONTROVERSIAL if that’s what it truly stands for. But if it’s something else, something like an attention seeking individual, something like one who shows off his PENIS or lies about conjuring a passport from the heavens just to catch attention, then I’m sorry, I don’t want to be called one (as if I have the power to stop people from calling me one). So yes, call me whatever, but I’m true to myself. True with the questioning at heart.


controversy. /ˈkɒntrəˌvɜːsɪ; kənˈtrɒvəsɪ/ noun (pl) -sies. 1. dispute, argument, or debate, esp one concerning a matter about which there is strong disagreement and esp one carried on in public or in the press.


Achaab Daniel ABALANSA
Twitter: @AcHaaB_dAn
IG: achaab_dan_gh

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