WHY I AM STILL SINGLE AT 27!? Insights from Playwright Kobina ANSAH


A society of ignorance usually thrives on unneeded clichés, standards and competitions, and Africa, if not all parts of the world, has similar traits usually fueled by rigid culture. Marriage, you mention and others smile, others frown. But it seems to be a pressure on ladies. It actually is, that’s the reality. A conversation with my coursemates at the university once revealed their thoughts on why they thought they were at liberty to marry at anytime with the absence of biological clocks that seemed to restrict a woman’s CHOICE on time to marry. To cut it short, a friend said “I am not forced to marry. Our society rarely does that to men. My gun and bullets will still be intact and active when I surpass 100. Till death do us part. The issue is weakness and viagra simply lives for that“. But could that be so in entirety? Are men ignored when the atmospheric pressure of marriage hovers above our primitive notions of ignoring changes we need? Of course, the cases of women may be more, but men do suffer that; usually men with the looks of accomplishment in the eyes of society, usually a man with a mother itching to be a grannie, usually a highly respectable man that may need an ornamental wife for a functional purpose (after all, the constitution smiles at you not given the opportunity to hold certain offices as a single man). Usually, more and more varying reasons that cannot be mentioned in here.

Mr. Kobina Ansah shared his experiences in relation to the social problems attached to the pressures of marriage. CEO of Scribe Communications, Playwright, columnist for the Mirror, and singer (that which I noticed after attending his most recent staged romantic-comedy, I Want To SUE God) tells his listeners in a post via Facebook



I’m fruitfully twenty-seven years old. I am single and very happy. Fact is, I’ve never dated before though I’ve been ‘bounced’ before… if you know what that means. Hehe.

I sometimes have some loved ones ask, “What on Earth are you waiting for!? Would you want to marry at 50!?” I laugh such thoughts off.

Listen, my dear friend. Choose when to take some vital decisions of your life. Don’t do so because someone is pressuring you to do so.

Plan well. Take decisions because you want/need to take them… not because others want you to.

Know the consequences of your decision(s) before you dare take them. Don’t take them under duress. Don’t let your decisions be an emergency. For Christ’s sake, you’re not an ambulance!

I’ve learnt some priceless lessons after a few months of organising events. Some friends will excitedly come to you, “Chale. The show dey be waa oo. Popular request. Repeat am sharp!”

Guess what. You will repeat it… and even the shadows of such will be found nowhere near the venue. Imagine if you invested all your money because of such. All your investments will just go down the drain!

I’ve learnt to organise events at my own pace… when I think I’m financially sound to do so. I plan well with my team with no aim of doing it because of someone.

Some friends will be on your neck to marry. When offertory is due, they will drop a ‘fat and juicy’ offertory of GH2. Like seriously!? We marry with GH2 in this modern Ghana!?

You want to marry because others are asking you to? You want to date because everyone else is doing same? Tis your headache!

Take your time. Sit and plan your life. Know the kind of spouse who will fit into that vision of yours. Not every man or woman can be that spouse.

Have a ‘taste’. Just anything shouldn’t go for you. Marriage is one heaven of a blessing. It can, however, be a hell of a curse for you… if you choose wrongly.

Kobina Ansah is my name. I’d gladly turn 28 this June God willing. And… I’m in no haste at all though I’m still searching. Hehehe.

Back to my glass of sobolo over my everything of a jollof. Chai!

Happy holiday boss.


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