Growing UP: The BOOK We All Need


Growing Up is a gem in a spectrum which moves left to right, depending upon the reader’s perspective. Everyone has a bite to learn from, it’s that gross. And I mean this without any iota of flattery.  You might have heard so much of the same thing about many other books but let’s put this to a test. Through the cognitive and biological context, everyone grows to some extent. That’s exactly what this book is about. By the least, your bones develop as you grow even if the brain seems to have hitches with realizing common rationals. Most at times, we are presented with books about nothing but the perspective of one or two authors at best. And that’s exactly what makes “Growing Up” different from the rest. The book entails not just an account from one or two person(s) who feel(s) his/her/their perspective needs to be heard but that of many who have bestowed upon themselves varying worldviews through inevitable experiences. Thus, experiences broken homes, responsibilities, friends, families and the pursuit for absolute truth brought along. From the freethinkers to conservatives, biased to the unbiased, fun to the boring, conventional to the controversial, old to the young, to inspirational writers who highlight on the unalterable fact “You Are On Your Own“, and probably insights from both the highly enlightened and ignoramus, et al. There is no wholistic bias  in favor of any specific alternative as the book is geared towards nothing but meeting the insurmountable demands of an ever growing multifaceted society. Be it as it may, the age range for contributors is from 21 to 40; that which allows room for all the baggage regardless of  unnecessary constraints placed by age. Grab your copy while you can. We learn from experiences, but one does not necessarily have to live through the thorns of hurtful experiences to learn the same cold hard truth. That’s why books like Growing Up are created; to give one an entire view of experiences to prevent preventable mistakes yet to be prevented.



Many years ago in Africa, there were rites of passage in the African communities. These were important initiations that consciously prepared young people in their transitions through life.

These days, however, young people are left to figure out their maturity by themselves. This situation has plunged many young people into frustration and despair because they made mistakes on the journey. Others have handled it quite well and are reaping the benefits.

This book, “Growing Up“, contains the real life experiences of 21 different young people. With the youngest contributor being 21 years old and the oldest being 40, everyone can relate to the contents of the book. The lessons in the books are captured through the fear, disappointment, failures, successes and accomplishments of the contributors. It also speaks to diverse sub-topics that influence a growing young person, issues such as parenting, broken homes, death, faith, and education.

You can now pre-order the book for as low as GHc15. Check out the details in the poster. Let’s do some #GrowingUp together!


Achaab Daniel ABALANSA
Twitter: @AcHaaB_dAn
IG: achaab_dan_gh

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