The HORRIFYING Beauty of Equity & Selfishness


E before E.

Equity before Equality I think. What you get is what you have, is what you work for, is what you deserve depending upon context. Achieved over the Ascribed. That’s how we build unshakeable foundations. The fact you don’t believe in the fact of the law of nature supporting inevitable Darwinian survival of the fittest does not necessarily mean it isn’t there. It is there. Conflict is endemic to society says Karl Marx, and this hairy dialectical materialist was and still is right so long as we employ some detailed empirical study on society upon society. Conflict is there because conflicting interests always exist between or among parties at a point in time. Everyone at a point in time wants to fulfill or preserve fulfilled interests and would only allow for compromise if and only if that compromise takes into consideration their interests. The NPP, NDC or any other party, no matter how they craft their charismatic lies of having national interests first, truly holds the interest of their parties first, rather than that of the generic-nation. And that’s why nomination slots after victory goes in for their camp first before any other. That’s exactly why political party membership comes before expertise and needed experiences in observable practice. That’s the system they inevitably subscribe to. I’m tired of seeing people engage on the inevitable, inescapable vanity of running away from nothing but themselves just to favor popular opinions created by selfish people to suit their selfish interests. Weakness to fight for the preservation of one’s interests can be another reason for one accepting that which contradicts his or her interests, but that is more of a hopeless situation than the popularized notion of self sacrifice. Conflict only leaves temporarily when individual interests at a particular time seem to be similar. And that never takes the selfish trait out.


Selfishness is a survival and defense mechanism. It’s in the DNA. Altruism in itself is a selfish trait to preserve one’s inner group bonds and benefits. When you protect others, you do so because it favors your thoughts or interests in a way. Equity before Equality. Give people their due. And just as the famous teacher [Jesus of Nazareth] gave such a beautifully needed insight probably inspired by the human construct of fairness: Give what belongs to Caesar to Caesar. However, this is not to encourage selfishness but only works within the framework of explaining inevitable human/genetic behavior. Lol, as if that discretion will change anything. It won’t. You cannot change the inevitable. No you can’t. It’s already out there lurking in its favor to preserve our kinsmen and the species our interests hope to preserve within the broader picture of biological kingdoms. Maybe those of us who haven’t, should all take a read on R. Dawkins’ “The Selfish Gene” just to be aware of how the word “selfish” was used metaphorically to explain genetic behavior. You are selfish. You only don’t want to admit it. But it’s there, dancing to tunes to favor interests. Equity before Equality.You know why? Because everyone has that trait of self interest, that which makes us all equal in such terms. But to re-validate and embrace the hard truth of variety, equity takes us there, to a land where one can climb up the ladder through his or her own smart, hard work after been given a flat platform of equality by default. We thrive when we emphasize on “working for” rather than “gaining by default“. While you ponder over this, consider the question in pic below:


I can be wrong though. Time inculcated with hard and smart work might reveal the truth out of the above. But until then, let’s defend and criticize assertions with reasons worth discussing. E before E, E for E and E in spite of E.

Achaab Daniel ABALANSA
Twitter: @AcHaaB_dAn
IG: achaab_dan_gh

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