Who will YOU be the FOOL to Vote for? Trump or Clinton?: the Perspective from a Professor of Mathematics


You probably may have heard some people, not just some but some perceived to be of intellectual calibre say “America is at it’s worse point because it has been given two wrong alternatives to select from in the year 2016’s election.Radley Balko [blogger for the Washington Post] said and I quote “It’s probably also worth noting that as a white guy, I’m of a demographic that has the least to fear from a Trump presidency (and there’s still plenty to fear). For Latinos, blacks, and Muslims, the prospect must be terrifying. So I guess in short, I’m thinking Clinton would be terrible. But Trump would be worse, and could be catastrophic.” Then there’s the account from novelist and newspaper columnist, Dave Barry, that which has a funnier outlook. He says; “Speaking strictly as humor columnist, I believe that a Trump presidency would probably be funnier, assuming you don’t care what happens to the nation. Whereas a Clinton presidency would be mainly grim. On the other hand—again, assuming you don’t care what happens to the nation—it might be SO grim that it would actually be funny… So bottom line, I think that when the time comes to go into the voting booth and make a decision, I will just kill myself.” More recently, I found one who does not only share a similar view but happens to be a friend, a friend I’ve had the rare benefit of learning so much from. Fred Van Oystaeyen is a Mathematician and Professor Emeritus [obtained his Ph.D. in 1972] of the department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Antwerp. Rather than just assert the two are probably the worst alternatives to be given to a super-power like the United States of America, he goes on to explain what he thinks has accounted for the nation’s present position. Thus, he looks at it from more of the rational than political view. Below is a script from Prof. Fred Van Oystaeyen:

If people are only interested in hearing their own truth reflected, they do not listen to reason anymore. There does exist something called reason, the word reason [raison in French, reden in Dutch, reten in German et al] is also used for reasoning and up to small adaptions, is synonymous to discussing reasonably. Why is this ability almost lost in modern society? Everybody has a reason for his/her opinions, so they invented “wrong reasons” and “right reasons” where the adjective wrong or right is now given by the opponent in a discussion. But everyone then has a reason to call reason from another right or wrong, so they invented rational deduction or rational reason. Now you can also say something is irrational without actually knowing the thought process applied by the other. It is sufficient to disagree with some argument, be it for philosophical or financial reasons , to call it irrational because it does not follow from your thinking even if you did not think about it at all! So we have to introduce right rational reasoning (rrr), be careful, logical rational reasoning is not right because you can easily apply “another” logic. Also mind that rrr is not rr in both possible meanings of rr! Why is all this confusion now universal? I think (with rrr) that it is due to the media. People are so used to be told lies, and not only in funny or boring advertisements(!), that lying became acceptable, I heard well-known people say that being a little corrupt was normal in a democracy. So in about 60 years of mass-communication we have reached the greatest common divisor combined with the “entertainmentization” of everything, from politics to love and even death! Now I am looking at the candidates for the presidency of a rather big country, I also see the crawling of the worms that are leading this very small country, is there a difference. Yes but mainly in the scale of power they represent. Why is the choice between Trump or Clinton? Well because we lost reason, rr and rrr, we are trained to cheer for liars and adore false accomplishments, we are addicted to empty entertainment, and we do not have empathy and solidarity with the poor, sick and underdeveloped. Trump or Clinton ,hm,hm…that is a good representation for “us” !

Prof. Fred Van Oystaeyen awarded the doctorate honoris causa at Almeria

Achaab Daniel ABALANSA
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