TRUMP! Isn’t he Lovely?


You know one thing I love about Donald J. Trump:

In spite of the gazillion mockeries he suffers, he still has the outlook of a strong person. Who hasn’t mocked? So many public officials including those many we never a-priori anticipated to jokingly mock another have fallen victim to mocking Trump.

So many who literally have no idea on American politics even mock him. At my most recent visit to the Accuzi chop bar at KNUST, one of the sellers said “Na Tlamp no, wegyimi anaa?” and I smiled in awe.

In fact, Trump brings out the mocking Gene in many who are hostile to revealing their innate mocking Gene. And he someway somehow causes painful feelings to those who aren’t even Americans in the first place. But it seems Trump cares less. It seems he doesn’t care, and that explains the strength to withstand mocking birds all around him to me.

He has something in common with Opana and that is the “Yentie Obiaaa” energy.

Be that as it may, that line of energy is best for a dictatorship and maybe just maybe, not suitable for the supposed democracy many are more poised to hail within our generation, because within democracies we should at least, listen to some if we won’t listen to ALL.

However, this never truly guarantees Trump/Opana as right or wrongful leaders. Outliers even exist and Trump’s very own victory is another example of an outlying shock to many all around the world [myself excluded though].

All it does at best is to give an indication that Trump could be a better leader within a dictatorship. But the supposed democratic SYSTEM chose him too ooo, so, ah well, let’s leave democracy to keep proving us wrong anytime we make assumptions based on our own subjectively inspired PERCEIVED majority.


Metie obi aye! Make Poli-tricks fail again.

Achaab Daniel ABALANSA
Twitter: @AcHaaB_dAn
IG: achaab_dan_gh

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