M.anifest – NoWhere COOL Album Review


1. No Where Cool

|I’ve sacrificed my personal life to be creative to get the music right. This album don’t make me happy and rich, I would gladly hang up the Mic.|

Being the first song comes with a funny intro stemming from a conversation between a caller and journalist. She asks; “Tell us why you are demonstrating“. Male caller replies; “Please the network is not good so can we speak twi?” Then a pure African groove gets in setting the pace for the rapper’s constructive flow. The song has it’s central message on how no place is convenient. It calls on listeners to accept the real plight of present dwellings and being happy in spite of the hot temperatures of the present. In here, M.anifest known in recent times to be the #godMC collaborates with the soulful songstress, Cina Soul and Dark Suburb [rock band], thus fusing results from varying genres to form a beautiful piece. Then, there’s a comparison between the foreigner’s land [the fear of boys in blue probably because he’s black] and his country, Ghana [where DumSor is the blues he arduously tries to escape]. Thus, the rapper informs, “nowhere cool but there’s hope here“. Nowhere Cool has the track length of 4:22. “When it’s all said and it’s all done” he’s “still a Freeman like” he’s “Morgan.

Produced by Drvmroll.


2. Invisible

|Invisible, nobody sees me. Goodbyes and Hi-iis, nobody greets me. Can I be a member? I do surrender. I have no agenda. Just see me.|

In here the rapper does some more backup singing with his deep voice alongside CBC‘s feminine soothing voice on the chorus. Nevertheless, this is not the romantic duet like an “Endless Love” with Mariah Carey & Luther Vandross you might have anticipated. The song in itself depicts one who wants to be known after sometime of been ignored by another (probably a special someone/society). Thus, the song does not only state an invisible plight but calls on the other to give the needed attention. Then the 3:31 track ends with a mundane skit we are not used to hearing on an English rapping Afro rapper’s mic. Skit has a guy speaking the Hausa dialect declaring how size-less the rapper is.

 Produced by Drvmroll.


3. B. E. A. R

|So tell all the drunks that I’m bar heavy|

This is more of thick rap and should definitely be a plus to those music lovers who focus so much on the lyrical punches.. It has it’s usual bragging rights; that which exemplifies Bill Maher‘s comments about marijuana/weed on Real Time to Ziggy MarleyBut you could never separate it… Separating that from reggae is like separating rap from bragging.” The rapper keeps hitting and hitting with those punches brewed from the source of his creative mind but unlike “Nowhere Cool” and “Invisible“, there’s less of the Afro groove in there. Then the godMC starts with a twi line before progressing into his field of expertise. This is probably debatable but he probably releases the worst nightmare of a Ga man in those lines. And I quote; “I’m a lionheart why should I lie in my art“.

Track Length – 3:31 Produced by Drvmroll.


4. Hand Dey Go, Hand Dey Come

|Hand dey go. Hand dey come. U chop morning-t. Make I chop for night. Time dey go thetheva man dey grow. Yes or no just take one make I go|_Chorus by Worlasi

This song exemplifies how unique Worlasi can be in style. In an act to portray the concept of reciprocity, the POJOBAtically talented artist fuses ewe with pidgin English.  Like the others, there lies an issue discussed. But this time, it’s all about having faith one returns the favor. To put it shorty, M.Dot says “Don’t wait or calculate. Be generous I’ll reciprocate. It’s too late to procrastinate.

Track Length – 4:41 Produced by Drvmroll.


5. Rich People Problems

|You know say money no bi problem, we give thanks.|

This song is actually what it’s title portrays it to be. It’s an allusion into the ills one has to get through to acquire some greens. Tumi Molekane, though South African adds his own exotic style of Rap touch to an already unique project by the godMC. The rapper names what people who want to be rich go through just to be rich; that which he calls rich people problems. However, he insists that he “wants expensive trouble” thus will prefer to have rich people problems instead of the contrary. The song ends with an Afro funk beat.

Track Length – 5:40 Produced by Kuvie.


6. Palm & Whisky

|How can they check us when we dey see chess. In a class of our own they cannot teach us. Good Jesus dem dey want cross me. Cover up my drink so they can’t pull a Cosby|

Palm Wine & Whisky is a typical bragging song entailing a hook and bridge by Dex Kwasi, who arguably has a feel of Future’s style.

Track Length – 3:43 Produced by Dex Kwasi.


7. Sugar

|An uncomfortable truth is like a loose tooth. You’re better with it out, some go hear this and pout.|

Omo see 9ja, Brymo features on this album for two times with this being the first. The rapper speaks on the deceiving appearances and furthers on how much money truly attracts many to supposed love. He also cautions in Twi [Akan dialect] that “Aware nyɛ nsaefuo, ɛnyɛ adiɛ yɛ ka hwɛ. Otirim yɛ wo dɛ, opɛ dɛdɛɛdɛ? ɛniɛ so hwɛ” which translates into English “Marriage isn’t palm wine for one to taste before getting in. You love what is sweet, then try that and see“. The “Ara” hit singer sings the bridge and chorus.

Track Length – 4:12 Produced by Jayso.


8. Cupid’s Crooked Bow

|In love with my acid rap but leaves nothing to chance.|

Ulimenemene m’ntuwam. Uphosisa, udeuziphosele emlilweni. Qha ke, uthando alupheli” An  intro in Zulu by the South African songstress might seem unintelligible by the Ghanaian community till there’s a translator. In a nutshell, the song alludes to how one is incomparable and unique, therefore professing love. Nomisupasta is popularly known for her hit single “Maybe I” as expected nails the chorus to  Cupid’s Crooked Bow.

Track Length – 4:51 Produced by G-Mo.


9. Simple Love

|Do you fancy my bars on guitars?|

The shortest piece with 1:51 on the album yet so romantic and touching. The rapper wants “a simple love money cannot buy“. A live acoustic sound with spoken word. M.anifest becomes different in here, then sings. He gets into the path one will hardly have him at in wonder. The best for a romantic scenery. In the author’s opinion, this is an expensive talent money cannot buy.

Produced by Drvmroll.


10. Ozymandias

|You can’t cement your legacy with cement blocks.|

Manifest has got his literal swagg in literature on. This song is probably based on Percy Bysshe Shelley‘s poem [a sonnet published in 1818] or Horace Smith‘s poem with same title published weeks after Shelley’s poem. In here, M.anifest plays around with the idea in history of Egyptian Pharaoh Ramesses II‘s statue which was discovered in fragments [1816] with inscription “King of Kings Ozymandias am I. If any want to know how great I am and where I lie, let him outdo me in my work.” And connotes that to the idea of how his legacy as a king will not eventually fade away as the statues of others gradually ‘decay in oblivion’ in spite of the bragging rights such Kings might have had while in power. Paapa summarizes it all in his chorus to the track.

Time Length – 4:33 Produced by Yung Fly (Mike Kwasi)


11. Damn You Rafiki

|A lion is a cat does that make him a pussy?… At bush canteen chewing on bush meat. Wondering one day, will Osama and George Bush meet?|

He never let’s his fans and lovers of wordplay down with this one. Wordplay is key with this song. The very first verse goes like “The u.n.i verse smiles on you and I first.

Time Length – 3:32 Produced by Drvmroll.


12. Time No Dey

|Life is too short, give me 2 tot and a factory please so i can bottle up my patience.|

In a nutshell, the song speaks for itself. A tool against procrastination, lyrics attached to how time is scarce and so cannot be wasted. Just as Able Delalie [contributor to the Anthology; Growing Up] says “Start it now, start it right!” Isn’t it awkward ‘Time No Dey’ isn’t the song with the shortest track length? Anyway, Worlasi adds his feature of singing to this one as well, then nails it as usual.

Track Length – 3:38 Produced by Kuvie.


13. Now Here Cool

|The sun is so loud in Accra. It’s okay if you throw shade. I might need it.|

The song again features Cina Soul for the chorus and has a bridge with recording of renowned author and playwright; Ama Ata Aidoo reciting her poem: “Nowhere cool, sister, ain’t nowhere cool’ Therefore, let me hide here among the thorns, while I dine on wild desert grain. And if they should ask you of me, tell them the name of the game was life and I never learnt the rules.” This poem goes further to inspire the album’s name.

Track Length – 5:33 Produced by Drvmroll.


14. Goodbye

|I’m not saying you’re a thief. But you stole my ground.|

A romantically sad one. ‘Goodbye’ seems to be the hardest word and it gets sadder in Brymo‘s voice. Goodbye ends the album. “My face don’t smile no more. And my heart don’t love no more. You turn around and say… Goodbye“.

Track length – 4:57 Produced by Jayso & Drvmroll.


After listening to the entire album #NoWhereCool, I noticed something [that which is based upon personal opinion], and that is; it’s more likely to take an ignorance on the beauty and constructions of wordplay and literature to hate M.anifest’s style of writing.  Thus, not only does the album inform, it entertains one with nothing but it’s African groove.


To download album, click here: Nowhere Cool

Achaab Daniel ABALANSA
Twitter: @AcHaaB_dAn
IG: achaab_dan_gh
Email: achaabdan@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “M.anifest – NoWhere COOL Album Review

  1. This is an album that portrays the dearth artiste’s creative talent and how intelligent he is when it comes to the wide range of themes put out in one single album. Lets just say dude is a talented nerd.
    To be able to really understand the music one needs to grasp the plethora of metaphors that is speckled all over the album in every track. No wonder he’s been called an elitist to which he doesn’t apologize for.
    Good work Danny in trying to digest the album but I don’t think if we really wanted to digest it we will finish up because like poetry everybody wil relate to it and interpret it based on their own subjectivity.
    Well I wont get into it too much but se how the album title which is track one No Where Cool is later anagrammed into Now Here Cool which is track 13. I couldn’t agree with the Hausa interjection that says ‘ah Alla! Baaani! Manifest No Size!’

    Liked by 1 person

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