Don’t VOTE if there’s No Reason to Vote!


To my neutral people so long as coming GH election is concerned;

You are not alone. No, you are not! They’ll force you to vote in spite of there being no good candidate to vote for, because they again, are a part of the system that thrives on the mediocrity of “Lesser Evils“. You can choose not to vote, it’s your choice. Don’t be manipulated. We are not forcing the others to stop voting, so why do they want to force us with all those counterfeit “it’ll affect you whether or not you vote” logic? As if voting will change the fact that it affects me anyway.

Sure, people might play the lesser-evil card to justify voting for any one of these criminals and hypocrites, including those trying the third-party route, but the 2016 election cycle — with all its incendiary madness — has handily proven the need for massive reform.” – The FreeThought Project

Some things are inevitable whether you vote or not. If they’ve presented candidates who do not merit your conception of a merited vote, don’t vote. It’s that simple. You have no reason to vote if the alternatives presented presents you with no reason to vote. If all candidates are not good enough, what will my vote change about that? Nothing! It’ll be “Bad Enough” results anyway.


To the neutral ones, you can also feed the illusion of the due process by voting based on your neutrality, and that to me will be a “rejected ballot sheet“. The only difference is, I don’t see the need to queue in this hot Climatic Change Sun only to destroy the ballot. I’ll rather sip on some wine in my room with some Heavy Metal or Rock on Election Day. It’s my right to exercise Franchise and I choose to enforce that or not. Same goes to you.

I have solved this political dilemma in a very direct way: I don’t vote. On Election Day, I stay home. I firmly believe that if you vote, you have no right to complain. Now, some people like to twist that around. They say, ‘If you don’t vote, you have no right to complain,’ but where’s the logic in that? If you vote, and you elect dishonest, incompetent politicians, and they get into office and screw everything up, you are responsible for what they have done. You voted them in. You caused the problem. You have no right to complain. I, on the other hand, who did not vote — who did not even leave the house on Election Day — am in no way responsible for what these politicians have done and have every right to complain about the mess that you created.” – George Carlin

To those political fanatics who have objections, I’ll be waiting for you down here with the potential comment thread. Ok Bye!


Don’t Vote If You Don’t See The Need To

Achaab Daniel ABALANSA
Twitter: @AcHaaB_dAn
IG: achaab_dan_gh

10 thoughts on “Don’t VOTE if there’s No Reason to Vote!

      1. Why do we vote? Isn’t it to make decisions? If there’s no decision, if there’s dog anyway, what will be the reason to vote? Or feeding illusions that you are actually making a decision is what you’ll rather go for? Well, as I said earlier, it’s your choice to vote or not. And it’s my choice as well. You don’t get to determine mine for me and so do I. I don’t vote to feed illusions of supposed due process, I vote because I see the need to enjoy my civil right. I choose to enjoy my civil rights or not. They are provided to protect me at best. But I choose to exercise them and that’s why I will not be arrested if I do not vote.


      2. And I’m also saying you could actually stand there to be voted for so you dispel the “illusions” you say there are. No one is questioning your right to suffrage


      3. I get you with that one. I don’t think we live in a dictatorship. We live in a democracy which calls for the very same majority. The majority selected dogs. People like myself, who happen to be different, say the cats, are rather on the minority. Let’s see what time has for us. Maybe just maybe the cats will grow.


  1. Voting is a right, that’s true; its a civil right. Presented with dog candidates doesn’t make it binding neither does preferable candidates; both options rely or personal will.

    Franchise is a legal way to effect change in government. Dog candidates or not, its still your right. Failing to exercise it means to be contempt and accept the outcome of the ‘fools’ who voted.


    1. Voting is a Civil Right, you choose to enjoy it or not. Someway somehow, politicians have fed us with the illusion that voting makes us better citizens and rids us from contempt. It’s a lie. They tend to benefit from such a lie and in effect will promote that within Democracies. When you select incompetent leadership, you cannot be called a better citizen. You are something else. Vote only when you see and know the need to. I don’t see the need to vote for or against dogs of dogs will win anyway. As I continually say, I don’t vote to feed illusions. Don’t just vote because they said vote. Vote because you’ve made the choice to vote. Don’t be an inevitable part of the problem. It’s your choice, just don’t impose that on the others. You are at liberty to vote or not. So I’m I.

      |In simplest terms, the difference between a human and civil right is why you have them. Human rights arise simply by being a human being. Civil rights, on the other hand, arise only by virtue of a legal grant of that right, such as the rights imparted on American citizens by the U.S. Constitution.|_


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