Real DADDY Goals

I’m so sick and tired of seeing same old memes over and over again on my wall about that tattooed sexy curly haired daddy kissing his baby on a gold plated bed. I’m talking about memes of [usually] extravagant daddies with tags #DaddyGoals

Not necessarily that I’m against an iPhone out there making memories of something as beautiful as that, but rather against the persistent portrayal of the single story. Africans keep posting those same memes as though, we have none to brag of our own mundane scenarios. 

So on my way to an 8am Photography lecture this morning, I took optics of two fathers from behind without their notice. Why do you portray that which you aren’t at the expense of what you truly are? Are you made to believe beauty is exempted from normality you witness on a daily basis? That’s all you have in the moment. Till we accept what we have in the moment, we cannot progress into the better we aim for. Let’s appreciate our Daddies. Thanks Daddies. A toast to y’all for the love and care you bestow on us in a variety of ways. Though ignored most of the time, some of us cannot do same. Love you Daddy. This is real Daddy goals.

Achaab Daniel ABALANSA
Twitter: @AcHaaB_dAn
IG: achaab_dan_gh


4 thoughts on “Real DADDY Goals

  1. I love my daddy so much cos he made me a real woman, alone by himself.


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