A man set out to train

Train to release inevitable pain

Was out of his group like Zayn 
Jogging to keep fit

Taught by his wit to keep fit

Yet crushed along the lines of duty’s hint 
Mahama, wait! Not speaking about Yentie Obiaa

But Max, one lynched at Denkyira 

Had to suffer like an abused labia 
Prejudice, prejudice is ignorance 

Prejudice kept needed justice into defiance 

Such an act of torture only but a menace  
Why? What makes us so different? 

Emotions like this recall Dido’s Soul for Rent

No, you cant! You can’t escape such intent
They tell us to allow the law

But we keep seeing the flaws

Not to justify that which hideous people own; claws 
This could’ve been prevented, 

If many trusted the criminal justice system

There is more to lynching than those who lynch
Find out, be radical if possible 

For I not just believe but think roots aren’t necessarily ineluctable 

Though here for long, such roots are tractable 
Innocents lynched 

When you are thought to be so no one cares 

No one cares if guilty or not 
All they need to hear is “Ouch! I’m guilty”

They need to hear only but a response affirming “s/he’s guilty”

And even if you do, you’ll still end before your due in silt
Rest in Peace Captain 

Get away Prejudice! 

And get away, you! Stupidity-Inspired Barbarism
Achaab Daniel ABALANSA
Twitter: @AcHaaB_dAn
IG: achaab_dan_gh
Email: achaabdan@gmail.com

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