We are more ornamentally oriented as a people, and that should explain why we are where we are. 

In the university, you see a diamond, someone with the highest class glittering in incompetence because of the superficial. You get them to the field and realize it was all but flawed aesthetic value. 

A child questions that which s/he barely understands, that which s/he can set the self to solve, only to be tagged “too knowing” or disrespectful. Such curiosity crushed by flaws of socialization, by the unfortunate yearning to keep up with absurdities of yesterday. 

We see women slaying, taking optics with their supposed hubbies, and belittle the probable gem we had, only to realize it was all but gimmicks, all but what those actors wanted us to see. 

You see him, you see her, see them in the dream car, career or house you’ve ascribed to your weakness, then tend to devalue that which you truly own, only to later realize what you saw and salivated upon like a dog/bitch was only but a hired vehicle, a hired apartment, a fuckery bought on credit. 

You see them on platforms, preaching love, preaching socialism only for them to genuinely go into the background discussing how they might conquer the opponent – that which depicts capitalism, that which is based on nature, the inevitable, the survival of the one willing to adapt and progress per constrains. You’ll realize you were fucked if you took them too serious, too serious like Amakye Dede’s mediocrity inspired Debi Debi Ebeyeyie.  

You see a guy who looks tall, so tall as the illusion of Prince Charming you were deceived into believing through fairy tales from the cartoon network as a kid. You assume he’ll satisfy you only to get in there to face that which is true. A tall height never guarantees a lengthy drill, the pointer says. 

You see a bootylicious cake and go like, “this is going to be as tight as talia“, only to get in there lost, so lost in dark matter, lost in a world you could barely relate to. 

We see those who regurgitate already propounded theories and belittle the additions we could’ve added to make our world more informed than it has already been.

We see the other who happens to subscribe to a worldview contrary to ours as impediments to what we have set for ourselves. We diss and hate and kill, only to later realize the same genuine yearning for truth, yearning for survival placed us on different pedestals. 

We could have been the next US, all those supposed rulers in fields were “they” and not someone else. Yet we became the authors of such impossibility because of unhealthy comparisons, comparisons meant to kill unique abilities directed towards making this inferno much more interesting than it has already been fuelled to be. 

We just assume the short is intelligent after watching the Game of Thrones, we drink with the hope of knowing things after listening to certain legends that postulated the short as wise, the tall as strong. And then get into a relationship with the taste of one only to realize we had fallen short of what we got in there for. 

We ignored the now for the future only to know at the edge of the end that the future was determined by the now. 

We gave a shit about our differences, only for the one true difference to thrive upon that to the detriment of the skeletons – the one thing that is found in all and sundry in spite of race, worldview and culture. 

We vouched for hasty generalizations only to be victims to hasty ramifications. 

All we are, naked, only covered by the wolf’s wool.

Achaab Daniel ABALANSA
Twitter: @AcHaaB_dAn
IG: achaab_dan_gh

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