​Musings 3 – COMPLEXITY

We are so complex – we hardly want to consider we could have evolved from lifeless matter to meet that which we are. If you are accorded the luxury of perceptions, why can’t another be accorded the same? Esse est percipe. 
We assume to be way better than all other forms of Kingdom animalia [including the closest cousins – apes, of course], forgetting we judge “complexity” by what we perceive it to be. Question yourself rigorously and you’ll know our complexity could equally be perceived as simple by other forms of animalia. 
Ever been to the thick forest all alone with no guarantee of a shield either than the naked you? How did you react when you saw the Tiger, the King Cobra, the Python, the Jaguar, and that giant oak that seemed as though it was about falling? Just a prey, you are. 
How do you feel when the elephant looks down at you a couple of feets above, with your feet and it’s own grounded on the same plane? How did your gem react when she saw the rat pass in a flash? How did his bravery shrink when the survival of the fittest placed him on the weakest? Amoeba; so are we on a pale blue dot. Is your complex complex enough?
No, no dark courage any longer. You are nature. Nature, though complex should be humbling. The same way you dismissed the worm to be trivial could be the very same way a super intelligent alien might simulated you in this giant machine. 

Who is man without a brain with wings? It could be algorithms in Drake’s deception like the laws of physics in perceived nature has been placed in there by this alien to make you feel or think as though you are on a tightrope to a pleasing discovery. Don’t cry when it knocks you down, no matter how small. 
Complexity is defined by the context. Nothing is complex yet simple is beauty. Complexity is the plight an intelligent being has to overcome by the virtue placed in wishful thinking. Complexity –  so humbling to some and yet a trigger of narcissism in others. 
Did you know the UN Secretary General is human? And yet he is complex – the head of a unit of many nations. Who is your president? Who is your father? Who is God? Who is the meal? Who is that role model? Who is weed? Who are you? All these are perceived to be complex, yet belittled by others. That then should be an indication to us, that complexity is as complex as we see it to be. 

Life has the common sense, that which is supposed to be innately verified disregarding the tool of indoctrination. Yet such seems to be an indication of the complex to others, they verify a highly complex being to the obvious. From simplicity comes complexity and vice versa. 
If God was complex, more complex than we are, then wouldn’t it be right to affirm the vice versa? However, we also know that the quarks and electrons come together in a Beatle sense to form the atom, the atom to the molecules, the molecular unit to the cell, to the tissue, to the organ, to the system, to the organism, to society and to delusion? 
Who knows maybe just as the atom was divisible so can the quarks be destructible to find other traces of our ignorance. So complex and simple, what a living contradiction we are. Complexity, that which makes one trivial. Complexity, the source of all debates. Complexity, a product of our senses. Complexity, that which makes meaning to us. Complexity;  our God, our weakness. Who knows? We could be the God our perceived weakness affirms. 

Achaab Daniel ABALANSA


Twitter: @AcHaaB_dAn

IG: achaabdangh

Email: achaabdan@gmail.com

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