None is Exempt of GENE SURVIVAL, Not Even The Ones Who Preach Against It 

Religion is still powerful and hence stands as a survival mechanism. I can be wrong per the anecdotal evidence that alludes over 70% of the Homo sapiens to be religious, in present times, of course. Thus, religion is still a means of survival – at least, to the vast majority of the human species. [Let’s forget of the X-rated part where some will have to pay $1000 to obtain the highly revered billionaire status. Ain’t that rather ironical when we do consider that most religions are grounded upon the idea there’s something way better than the detectable material world?]. Think about how it allows persons to cope with certain realities of life usually perceived as harsh and unrelatable if all this [life as we see it now] ends as MEANINGLESSNESS – the scariest to pattern seeking organisms we are, if there’s nothing beyond the now – which will mean all the efforts, sufferings, joys, memories and pursuits were in vain. Think about the group behavior and emotional support that stems from subscribing to it. The very few outliers don’t get to be the rule, do they? 

I don’t think atheism is the prescribed end of evolutionary theory. Any scientist that suggests that has crossed the frontiers of science. Do you want an example of an action that aims to preserve our genes in present times? It’ll be efforts by aeronautical agencies to make Mars habitable just in case Earth fails. It’s so obvious that happens to be the goal of certain religions if not all – for the earth to pass away, to make way for the kingdom of whatever perceived God is believed to be out there. Let’s not mix scientific descriptions with value theories or as well, go by ideas from certain scientists that might have been polluted by one’s own sense of subjective judgements. Thus science like every other tool [religion included] can be manipulated to ensure the survival of the species. And so when we see people trying to go to the moon, to Mars, it’s only people doing what they always do – survive. Religion in itself is hinged upon the idea of survival – to survive in the assumed hereafter. Science is not there to give value theories, that is left for certain aspects of philosophy [which includes religion or theology]. We can only infer from the descriptions of science [usually How-Things-Work] to make certain judgements. And so we shouldn’t be surprised per certain understandings to know that the very idea of a God(s) is neither provable nor falsifiable by science. The theory of Evolution like any other scientific theory ain’t there to say “this is wrong or that is right”, it only says this specie did that to survive, to allow gene fructification or replications in a way that ensures gene survival. Thus evolution works within the framework of context. In the same way, life is much more poised to be easier when one goes in line with the vast majority. 

So in Ghana per say, being labelled an atheist is definitely accompanied with certain ramifications to the detriment of the one labelled. And that is why certain sects perceived to be deviant per the survival context involved (homosexuals, atheists and even armed robbers etc.) will barely have many coming out although their thoughts disaffirm their deviance as a deviance. 
Atheism =/= Scientific prowess/Value

Achaab Daniel ABALANSA 

Twitter: @AcHaaB_dAn

IG: achaabdangh


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