​Hult Prize KNUST Competition to be held on 18th November, 2017

KNUST’s chapter finale for the Global Hult Prize competition will be held this Saturday at the Dean of Students’ conference room, after the preliminary session held to select 10 out of the various teams registered to participate. Time for the event is 8am prompt. Participants are set with the challenge to not only identify but solve a global problem which threatens human security. The task is captured in the theme: “Harnessing The Power Of Energy To Transform The Lives Of 10 Million People.” After such seedings, the qualified team represents the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology at semi-final stage of the global championship to be held on March at Shanghai, London or Dubai.

Brief Overview on Preliminary Session held on 17th November, 2017

Judges for the competition were lecturers selected from certain departments of the university, they are; Mr. Y. A. K Fiagbe from the Mechanical Engineering department, Dr. Reuben Yao Tamakloe from the department of Physics and Dr. Wilberforce Owusu-Ansah  from the Business School. The following teams (16 of them) registered and thus were allowed to justify why their idea had to be selected among the lot:

Team 1 – AutoP [3 in a group]

Automated printing and photocopying machine to fasten the printing process. 

Team 2 – Ornergy [4 in a group]

Safer, environmentally friendly and cheaper alternative fuel. [Bidi Green] _ smokeless charcoal production to create energy.  

Team 3 – Project ERW
 [3 in a group]

Biodigester to create fuel using biodegradable waste. 

Team 4 – Biolite
[3 in a group]

Reliable electricity using a biofuel [vegetable extracts] power plant to reduce energy consumption and cost.

Team 5 – BOAT
[3 in a group]

Make clean water more accessible to rural areas using the arsenic and metal removal index technology (AMRIT).

Team 6 – CASE
[3 in a group]

Clean Affordable Sustainable Energy (electricity) for 2.5m people in India and Nigeria using a renewable fuel [sand].

Team 7 – Energizers
[3 in a group]

Providing long term electricity with B-energy [gas generated from biological means] in favor of the vast majority who use energy forms emitting smoke. 

Team 8 –  AOBSTEK
[3 in a group]

Accessible immunization for communities using an aobstek box [smart vaccine box – electronic device] to preserve vaccines with the needed temperature. 

Team 9 – Systematics
[4 in a group]

Solving the problem of inadequate waste management using smart biodigester bins. 

Team 10 – Vis
[4 in a group]

Partnering with companies to harness solar energy with solar pumps to aid farmers store water for irrigation purposes and as well, produce biodiesel to facilitate the production processes of farming. 

Team 11 – RANBOYET
[4 in a group]

Create the RANBOYET Solaris Dryer [RSD] to dry cocoa beans produced by farmers and as well, extend drying time disregarding restrictions created by Sun rise and Sun set. 

Team 12 – Triumphant
[3 in a group]

Transforming 10m lives with aquaponics [a system of producing crops combining aqua culture and hydroponics].
Team 13 – LEGIDS [4 in a group]

Use the power cover technology on phones for a conversion of thermal energy to electrical energy to oust the need for power banks, increase connectivity, education etc. 

[3 in a group]

Manipulating feacal matter as a means to provide a cheap, reliable and environmentally friendly source of energy [Biogas].

Team 15 – Better World
[4 in a group]

Utilizing methane found in food waste to create fuel.

Team 16 – Ease
[4 in a group]

Use extracts from biomass to produce energy for cooking. 

Teams selected after preliminary session:

Ornergy, Project ERW, EASE, Better World, GALLUXPEXTS, LEGIDS, Triumphants, RANBOYET, Energizers and CASE. 

What Hult Prize is about. 

Hult Prize is an annual global competition geared towards finding innovative students poised at tackling some of earth’s most pressing issues. It is considered as “the world’s largest student competition for social good.” The winner takes away USD1,000,000 as a seed capital to establish an enterprise for the social good. Like previous editions, this year’s topic was selected by Former US president, Bill Clinton. 

For further details visit http://www.hultprizeat.com/kwamenkrumah or contact Maudlyn Akosua Awuku [the Campus director] on 0209580951.

Don’t miss a life changing experience as participants justify their strategic planning on drawing feasible ideas for a better world. See you there. 

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