Fuck YOU life

Never did she know she laid the Golden Egg. By the shell’s rebellious outlook per that which the majority valued aesthetically, she bought herself depression, only to be shocked at the point of the 4th stage of cancer. He took the world by storm, made meaning out of her meaninglessness, thereby being the hope of it. The wonderful counselor, the son meant to give meaning to peasants of a meaningless help – an answerless world to transcend any effort by those answerable to the laws of nature.

At least, per the verification of how weak the average Homo sapiens was, he was useful – instrumental to them being able to cope with a thrown existence against their volition. He was essential to those who could not accept the thorns of existence. He was the definition of meaning spilled in blood, spilled in pain. He defined life, he articulated so well that life was suffering – giving himself as the sacrificial lamb to what life was anyway – suffering.

He was, maybe still is phenomenal, not necessarily because he defined truth but that he mirrored the truth necessary for those not willing to accept it. He gave meaning to those who clothed themselves in the abyss of  gross incomprehensibility. You do know who the author speaks about, but rather than restrict the heroic axiom adapted by men to deal with a brutish reality, the author still opens up the game as whoever might be meaningful to one’s existence isn’t necessarily meant to be to the other but what the subject in question verifies.

You define meaning, and whether you do so consciously or not is still answerable to the strings of nature. Be happy but make sure you don’t fall for hedonistic tendencies meant to eat up your soul. Wait, it’s in your hands. Maybe meaning is cancer for you. In that case, I give you the farewell as I will to the benefit of the others. Be weary but be aware you can transcend such weariness so long as you are genuinely aware of that which seems like a thorn. Why hinge an ideal upon that which is meant to choke the very power you own as an answerless being meant to cope with that which you never knew or even chose in the first place?

In a nutshell, look at life and give a genuine “fuck you!” You deserve that – for life fucked you in the first place. Fuck you life! I fuck you and suffer from you anyway. Yes! I am self-contradictory, encompassing every facet of existence, and definitely not answerable to the ideologues. I am me. I am suffering, I am life. Fuck you suffering. Fuck you life!


Achaab Daniel ABALANSA


Twitter: @AcHaaB_dAn

IG: achaabdangh

Email: achaabdan@gmail.com

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